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    Vinyl Wrap Thoughts

    Yes on the former. My expectation/hope is that LE green is going to be in the dark Olive Drab realm. In which case I'd do a clear matte wrap. I did like the look of the matte black wrapped R1T in the "Long way up reunion" video. But honestly, am geeked about getting an OEM color that helps...
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    Telsa's Newest Easter Egg

    Agree hole heartedly. ( pun intended ) Have some irreverence. It's good for the soul. I want my Rivian to ask me " What are you doing Dave ?" every time I plug it in. -Keith
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Nice find and share. Hadn't noticed that at all in the multiple times I've watched that video. Always too busy gawking at the matte wrap and staring at wheels trying to decide how to finalize spec and what to do aftermarket.
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    HELP NEEDED for TX Direct Sales Effort

    Not on twitter, but I'll create an account and send it out. I did email Terry Canales in support of it. edit -- Turns out I did have an old twitter account! Tweeted out! -Keith
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    Rivian R2R Rally Inspired Crossover-Wagon Details / Specs Rumored

    Obligatory color choice, Orange?
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    Texas Roll Call

    forgot to post on this once I stopped lurking. Central Austin R1S, LE LE Green Dark interior Black 20” ATs
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    Possible Rivian Meetup Locations

    Any of the CenTex camping spots with 30A chargers for a camper seem appropriate. Garner or Inks Lake. Pull a camper, charge both on site. Either would make a good short foray / Toe Dip for pulling a camper to get more comfortable with towing range. I’m a sucker for outdoors, all day drinking...
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    Off Topic Chatter (Drinks, Travel, Photos, Anything Goes)

    What about a Taylor Swift tramp stamp? Surely that’d be a viable option. Speaking of tequilas... I was recently the introduced to an extra anejo that tastes like liquid creme brulee.
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    Off Topic Chatter (Drinks, Travel, Photos, Anything Goes)

    Love this thread. Some great bottles in those posts Whistle Pig is a personal fave, as is High West. I tend to rotate through weekly finding something new to try. My bottles don’t last too long 😬 Thinkin maybe a bourbon tailgate in Central Austin once all our #’s come up. Here’s a glimpse of...
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    What will you name your Rivian?

    It's a bit on the nose, but I was going to go with "Ellie May" ( L.E. )
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    Vinyl Wrap Thoughts

    I'm leaning towards LE Green with a Matte wrap. Aiming for a darker OD Green Army look. Of course, all reliant on seeing some real world pics of LE green, or getting to see it in person before my # comes up.
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    Battery Pack Upgradeability?

    Well that just makes me look like a lazy searcher. :oops: Appreciate the link!
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    Battery Pack Upgradeability?

    Apologies if this has been discussed before: Has there been any discussion or thought around the ability to swap out the battery pack you initially get, with a larger pack ( or solid state for that matter once they implement )? I recall an early video of RJ talking about the long term...