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  1. JLiz5

    Real Photos & Videos

    Totally agree, however I don’t think any of us is going to be comfortable with a color choice after seeing all the variations until we can see them in person. I haven’t seen any consistency in the media files that I could commit to.
  2. JLiz5

    New April 1st Email from Rivian Answers Many Lingering Questions

    “When will we see launch green?” The answer is, when you remove the wrap. This was when the light went off. Awesome job!
  3. JLiz5

    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    Even if this were possible I’m struggling to understand how the Rivian would contribute to the acceleration and braking of a large motor home. Class A and Class Super C RVs can have a GVWR of up to 54,000 lbs, I would question the ability of a Rivian effectively assisting in either direction...
  4. JLiz5

    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    It depends on what type of motor home is pulling the towed vehicle. Class A diesel pushers have a towing capacity of at least 10,000 lbs with larger rigs capable of 15,000 lbs. Many Class C and Super C have the same 10,000 lb. rating with Super C diesel powered vehicles having up to 15,000...
  5. JLiz5

    Is it normal to buy a car sight unseen (not driven)?

    I agree with kanundrum, however even though this is a startup, I feel confident the opportunity to see, feel and drive the vehicle will present itself, but you may have to be willing to go above and beyond the norm to do so. Rivian has always said it’s about the adventure. ;)
  6. JLiz5

    More charging joy (via VW software)- Rivian, please get this right!

    Here’s an article about a newly formed coalition of electrical utilities that are expanding charging capabilities (and revenues) in their respective areas. Lets Hope this coalition is successful in enlisting other utilities to do the same...
  7. JLiz5

    New EV Charger ready and awaiting the R1T (Dino Electric)

    Brilliant! Siemens makes a retractor for their EV Charge post, it says it’s universal...a little less than half what you referenced at $1,000 but still expensive. Cat No. VCCMSSP
  8. JLiz5

    More charging joy (via VW software)- Rivian, please get this right!

    Does anyone agree that It appears VW rushed the ID4 to market knowing a lot can be fixed OA? It also appears Rivian is putting a lot of effort in working out bugs before release to improve the customer experience...or have I drank too much Kool-Aid?
  9. JLiz5

    Rivian plans to manufacture solid-state batteries

    Won’t trying to stay ahead of battery technology will be similar to always having the latest tech in TVs, computers, phones etc, you will go broke trying to do so...albeit, less broke than an $80k vehicle?
  10. JLiz5

    Georgia anyone?

    Another Georgian, also in Hall Co. on Lake Lanier. Only a member a few days, finding a lot of good info. We’re in line for an R1S.
  11. JLiz5

    Video: Real life look at R1S vs Ram 1500, GMC Terrain, Chevy Suburban [@ downtown Bloomington]

    I noticed in the frames where the driver is waving to the cameraman the tire sits almost inside the wheel well but later as the vehicle is moving there’s a much larger gap. Is this a function of the air suspension or just my imagination once again?
  12. JLiz5

    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    I share your frustration, I too saw the posts saying Rivian could be flat towed. I hope Rivian monitors these forums and finds a way to set the record straight.
  13. JLiz5

    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    Hello Everyone, Just joined the forum and just put a deposit on an R1S. Very nice rig StevieD! I did a chat yesterday with a CS rep Rivian about this subject as I too wanted a Rivian to be my toad. I was told under no circumstances could any Rivian be flat towed , I wish I had copied the...