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    New April 1st Email from Rivian Answers Many Lingering Questions

    Had me going . I was digging through my spam trying to find the email so I could read it there first!
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    Can we talk about range again?

    As a Tesla owner who preordered a M3 and were among the first to take delivery, we had this very same conversation over and over prior to delivery. In the end, what ended up being far more accurate in "pretend trip planning" was finding a comparable vehicle that existed and had real data in the...
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    South Carolina, anyone?

    I think they said by end of 2023 for everything, so I'm curious how they handle the rollout. We are in Charleston and just got a SuperCharger after 4 years of "coming soon." In our Model 3 the critical charger in SC is in Greenville. Columbia is nice but rarely a requirement and was extremely...
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    Possible Skid Guard sighting in Rivian Video

    I just watched the Long Weekend video and noticed something missing vs the model showed in the previously posted Patagonia the LA video. I grabbed a screenshot below to highlight the feature, and you can see what I'm talking about throughout the Patagonia to LA video from a few different angles...
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    "Launch Green" paint stand-ins

    Only reason I would lean to paint is that primer is typically a powered/matte finish and isn't very durable. In the photos they clearly show a vehicle in the later parts of assembly, which they wouldn't do to a primer-only frame. As you said though, these photos are from line testing, so it...
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    "Launch Green" paint stand-ins

    I think the pictures are of a final color, but in the light of a factory, you really can't get a sense of what a color "really" looks like. That said, we are Launch Green. Still wavering as we see more pictures of Forest in person. It is stunning, but Launch really gives you the novelty factor...
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    South Carolina, anyone?

    We did a R1T. Launch Edition in Launch Green, Ocean interior, 20" wheels. I honestly can't think of anything else we would want to add that isn't already included. Camp kitchen is awesome, but we just wouldn't use it outside of tailgating at the Clemson home games. They hinted at additional...
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    Audio system specifics? Amplifier, subwoofer, etc?

    The Echo Show sounds fantastic. We replaced our Sonos with them and are very happy. I think the Sonos are technically more precise, but we enjoy the room filling sound that the Amazon product delivers. I'd be happy with Amazon as a partner in this area.
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    South Carolina, anyone?

    Hey SC folks. I'm excited about Monday and possibly getting an idea of delivery date and options. We are preorder #7987, so pretty confident we may be earlier on the delivery window. Currently thinking we will be a R1T in Launch Green. Not sure on interior color yet...
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Order #7987 Feb 29th reservation date.
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    South Carolina, anyone?

    Just found this forum. Charleston checking in here! My wife and I pre-ordered in February after the Amazon partnership. Currently we are Tesla M3 owners, and are looking forward to adding an SUV to the family. I know of at least 1 other pre-order in this area.