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  1. IHScout

    Official Rivian Insurance Info Announced!

    I wonder, for what is this hole? Maybe the pre-production model had the other stalks that were taken out for production. Not a big deal, just curious.
  2. IHScout

    Rivian chooses Samsung for its first-gen battery supplier

    “Rivian announced today that Samsung SDI will supply battery cells for Rivian vehicles. Samsung and Rivian have been working together throughout the vehicle development process to ensure robust cell testing and characterization.” Also, this article from 2017 provided some good hindsight...
  3. IHScout

    220V vs 240V - need advice on new home build

    Just curious if there was a reason you installed a 20 amp outlet versus a 50 amp outlet? I installed a 30amp in my garage when I purchased my Volt, a decision I have come to regret. I am not sure if I will make the change or just charge my R1S at
  4. IHScout

    Buying high end EV from start up

    Haha. Definitely both.
  5. IHScout

    Buying high end EV from start up

    I have an 800a. Named my first born son after it. Still love it!
  6. IHScout

    Test Drive 2021

    I don't think I need a test drive so much as I would like to sit in the vehicle and see how the car seats fit for my kids. We are moving from an expedition max, so we need to be comfortable with the more limited space.
  7. IHScout

    Rivian Warranty information announced!

    I am not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but I just saw this on their website. 01 Capability Warranties Rivian vehicles are built to last. Our standard comprehensive warranty is 5 years or 60,000 miles. Our Battery Pack and Drivetrain are covered for 8 years or 175,000 miles. And our...
  8. IHScout

    Rivian Adventure Network - Deep Dive / Analysis (Four Corners region)

    Electrify America is partnering with APS utilities to add a fast charger in Payson,az. Expected to be open sometime early next year. Hope that helps a bit. I will be driving through payson with a trailer, so that was a must on our list.
  9. IHScout

    Arizona pre-orders

    RAN Arizona Locations (estimated) Page Kayenta North Rim Kingman Flagstaff Holbrook Sedona Prescott Quartzite Yuma Gila Bend Globe Tucson Willcox Mt.Lemmon or Oro Valley Bowie ? Buckeye Wickenberg New River 3 in PHX Metro I do wish they had a planned charger at the Sunrise Ski resort. I'm just...
  10. IHScout

    What are you currently driving? (Glamour Shots)

    That's a bummer. We had to take down some Mesquite trees at my brother's place. He was pretty bummed about it. He is going to make a table out of it for his family.
  11. IHScout

    What are you currently driving? (Glamour Shots)

    Not my daily driver, but one of my true loves in this world.
  12. IHScout

    Arizona pre-orders
  13. IHScout

    Electrify Commercial - EA Subsidiary These are most of the charging locations I will need in Arizona to tow my trailer around. We are very excited!
  14. IHScout

    The One Dealbreakers Thread to Rule Them All

    The only deal breaker for us will be lack of charging in rural Arizona, where we do most of our camping with our trailer. Hopefully Rivian and EA cover these areas in the near future. I am keeping my reservation until I find out more information on charging. It may just be a slightly more...
  15. IHScout

    Forged vs Cast Wheels? Weight/Strength/Longevity

    I am having the same thoughts/questions. Thank you for articulating this better than I could have done.
  16. IHScout

    Wish List - Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) locations

    Correct. They plan on releasing their cycle 3 plans for additional chargers in spring of 2021. Crossing my fingers that a few of my suggestions are implemented.
  17. IHScout

    Wish List - Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) locations

    From the EA webinar today.
  18. IHScout

    Leg Room R1T vs R1S

    Yeah, it was a little surprising, so I am anxious to see it in person as well. Off topic, are you the youtube channel that had a red model X and towed a boat in Florida?
  19. IHScout

    Leg Room R1T vs R1S

    The R1S interior dimensions per Christina today on chat are First Second Third Leg Room 41.417 36.653 32.755 Hip Room 54.881 54.212 42.755 Head Room 41.141 39.685 38.622
  20. IHScout

    3rd Row Design / Cargo Area Photos?

    I spoke with Christina through chat a short time ago. The max dimensions on the R1S behind the 3rd row expressed in mm are 553x1298x855 and inches as 21.77x51.1x33.66. Keep in mind these numbers are the longest point of each dimension. The cargo volume is 499 Liters or roughly 17 cubic feet.