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  1. damonator5000

    Rivian Service - Official Info Release!

    Lots of mentions of the app; maybe that’ll be one of their next announcements/updates!
  2. damonator5000

    Hello from Chicagoland area

    How do you feel about the RAN density for our area and Illinois, as a whole?
  3. damonator5000

    Custom / Vanity Plates, Anyone?

    I think that works if you transfer non-EV plates from another vehicle, but with new plates for an EV, they don’t have a vanity option :/ There was legislation proposed to change that, but it didn’t go anywhere
  4. damonator5000

    Custom / Vanity Plates, Anyone?

    Sadly, Illinois doesn’t allow vanity electric plates 😭
  5. damonator5000

    Spotify Integration

    Same! Spotify is all I use for music. Tesla took forever to integrate it (in the US) so I’m happy to see images of it already for Rivian!
  6. damonator5000

    Spotify Integration

    In a video on the Rivian Vimeo page, there is a shot of a music interface on the screen: The larger album/playlist art clearly has the words “Chillin’ on a Dirt Road“ on it. Sooo, over on the Spotify app, you can find this: While we may not have Spotify integration officially confirmed, this...
  7. damonator5000

    What will you name your Rivian?

    Same. Had my F-150 a couple years before naming it, whereas, my Model 3 was named within days. I keep a running list of vehicle names, but no decisions are made until the vehicle is in my possession. Same with dogs. :)
  8. damonator5000

    Real Photos & Videos

    One more thing: why did they put the wrap on the rear window? Could that have also been photoshopped after the fact?
  9. damonator5000

    Real Photos & Videos

    There is some clear photoshopping happening on the rear door of the one in the white/sketchy wrap: - seam is missing to the left of the rear door handle - seam at window line between front and rear door is missing - some weird angles and corners along the roof line and back corner Makes me...
  10. damonator5000

    RJ posts Rivian winter testing video

    For the Tesla Model 3, homelink is triggered from the screen. I’d expect the same here.
  11. damonator5000

    R1S Spotted Out Testing!

    August can’t come quickly enough! 😍😍😍
  12. damonator5000

    R1S Spotted Out Testing!

    I know it’s veeeeerrrrryyy unlikely, but I would absolutely lose my mind (in a good way) if this liftgate change was the result of making the roof and top of the liftgate removable
  13. damonator5000

    R1S Spotted Out Testing!

    The door handles are out in this pic. Do we know if this was immediately before or after they got out/got into the vehicle? Basically, would the vehicle be in Park at this point?
  14. damonator5000

    Which furry friend will be riding in your Rivian?

    Here’s our two R1S stowaways. The R1S will have so much more space for them than the folded-down backseat of our Model 3. Both of them are rescues so your guess is as good as ours when it comes to their breeds.
  15. damonator5000

    Illinois peeps. Anybody know what's up with custom EV plates?

    Ugh, I wanted vanity Cubs plates so bad for my Model 3, but not an option :(
  16. damonator5000

    Software and Rivian App wishlist

    Assuming the vehicle uses HomeLink for garage door opening, I’d like to be able to use the app to trigger a stored homelink (ability to select from all doors stored on the car) and use the car’s cameras to confirm garage door is open or closed. Tesla model 3 allows triggering homelink from the...
  17. damonator5000

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    I’m curious if this extends to things like Spotify integration, too.
  18. damonator5000

    Launch Edition Priority Delivery

    I would totally take RJ up on that!