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    Official Rivian Insurance Info Announced!

    Car insurance must have some nice margins. Do you notice how many car insurance commercials run on TV? They seem to be running all the time. You don't spend $100 million on Tv commercials unless the new business you get is profitable.
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    New April 1st Email from Rivian Answers Many Lingering Questions

    I am confused. Launch Green is beautiful color, so let's wrap it to protect it? Aaahh....then no one will be able to see the beautiful Launch Green. So we are going back to the 60's when you bought a nice couch and then covered it with a blanket to keep it from getting dirty? What am I missing?
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    Rivian Service - Official Info Release!

    Which car company current gives you a loaner, of the same brand, when you are having service? Over the years I have done that with my BMWs....but they have scaled that way back. Honestly any loaner will be fine with me. Hopefully I won't ever need a loaner....
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    New Official Rivian Adventure Network and Charging Station Info

    Those Level 2 chargers are going to be pretty slow. 25 miles an hour? Sigh, hopefully over the next 3-4 years Rivian will be able to close the gap on Tesla's supercharger network, but man does Tesla have a lead.
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    It appears they have done more testing, over a longer period of time, than any other start-up in history. They should be ready, albeit there is bound to be some sporadic glitches.
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    The Rivian is not trying to be a full size 157" wheel base F150 (which I own now) Or just like a Jeep Gladiator is not a GMC Denali. Different flavors. Rivian consumers should want the unique approach the RT1 offers. Not a direct replacement for Detroit Full Size pickups.
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    R1S Spotted Out Testing!

    I wonder the reasoning for the wraps...all the test mules seem to be wrapped. Maybe they didn't bother taking them through paint? It is certainly not to camouflage them....the wraps stand out! Thanks for post!
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    New Tesla Model S/X

    Price (value) will definitely become part of the equation. You can order a Model S today, and have it in March. It does have greater autonomous driving capabilities, and a much better charging network. If you go with the Long Range you are at 412 miles of range. Rivian has never sold a...
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    I hope Rivian can eventually target more middle class consumers

    Which may be good value....but for the normal guy or gal, a price point of $50,000 might be where they need to be in order to spring for an EV. And Tesla is close to that with a couple of their models. Competition, plus experience and scale, will drive prices down in the future. Just not in...
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    I hope Rivian can eventually target more middle class consumers

    It is a dilemma (cost). Rivians are expensive. Tesla is projecting theirs to be quite a bit less. Maybe $20,000 less. Overtime, Rivian will get more efficient and presumably be able to lower the cost of their vehicles. That might be 4-5 years from now though.
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    When is the earliest we'll be on the hook to make a purchase?

    Ahh. Good point. I hope not. Originally I really thought I would be getting a Rivian December 2020. Now, for the 400 mile range model, I am probably looking at Feb/March 2022. If there are any more delays it will be pretty disappointing.