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    Video: Blue R1S Spotted on Highway

    Seems to be listing to starboard.
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Bummer, I want to hear about racks and tents and toys. Service is cool and all, but I want to learn about the fun stuff.
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    First Yakima products (bed tent) for Rivian teased by RJ

    I just want to know if RJ can actually lay down in the tent. He is pretty tall.
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    Introducing Rivian Guides Program: A dedicated Guide for your entire Rivian ownership

    I was thinking it would be cool if they asked us what we were interested in and how we plan on using our Rivian. I enjoy riding Mountain Bikes, camping, etc. and I will use my Rivian to do that. How awesome would it be if our guides had similar interests!
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    Bloomberg Article on Rivian Production & Volume

    I’m not planning on backing out of my reservation, but I might back out of Launch Edition if I don’t get to drive the damn thing, see the colors, and get some questions answered.
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    Rivian Bucket List - where will we go?

    I am in So Cal. My R1T will spend a lot of time in Sequoia/Kings Canyon (please have chargers), Yosemite, and Joshua Tree. Trips further North up the Coast to the Redwoods will be in its future, as well as Lake Tahoe. Oh, and Oregon, Sedona, Zion... pretty much everywhere.
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    I won’t finalize my order until I drive the truck, see the colors, know the actual range, know the prices of options (roof racks), see final build and several other things. I have a LE, but I can wait, especially since I have barely driven my jeep in the last year.
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    Jeep Wrangler BEV concept coming in March

    My DD is a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Jk with a 4” lift, 37’s and many mods. I originally planned for it to be an off-road vehicle, but I learned that if I break something on Sunday, I can’t get to work on Monday. Now it’s more of a get me to the trail, take me to the campsite Jeep. It has well over...
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    Which furry friend will be riding in your Rivian?

    He is my 3 year old Aussie. Crazy sweet, crazy smart, just plain crazy. He is my second Aussie, so I knew what I was getting into😂
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Arrghhh! I am in Santa Margarita. There is a Rivian within minutes of my house.
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    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    I am currently signed on for Compass Yellow. Some of the photos make it look like the Lorax, so I like that. If I see it in person and don’t like it, I will probably go Blue. Forest Green looks really good in the latest snow pictures, but I have had a Green Jeep for the last 13 years. Might...
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    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    Why would they have badging and clear coat on a truck with just primer?
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    Tesla loses top manufacturing engineer behind battery production to Rivian

    I am guessing there is less and less chance Rivian will be allowed to use Tesla Superchargers.
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    Rivian experience center opening in Laguna Beach [updated with design plans]

    This will be 20 minutes from my house. Maybe I can get a job running the performance space.
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    Rivian may offer factory wraps

    I would totally dig a topographical wrap with different National Parks or mountain ranges.
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    Rivian close to raising new round of funding at $25 billion valuation

    That’s not even counting what all the LE holders are paying for black wheels.
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    Real Photos & Videos

    That yellow looks so good.
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    When is the earliest we'll be on the hook to make a purchase?

    Yeah! I kind of want to get a part time job there. I am about 30 minutes away.