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    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    So lets wander a bit more off topic ;) The only cars worth converting at this point are those that have lots more value than the book says. There are still a couple of places in Oregon that do conversions, and if it is something you want to tackle yourself I can point you to people that will...
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    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    Stream fording is quite a but different than enabling flat towing. You were always going to be able to ford streams, the only issue was how deep. Enabling flat towing requires more hardware, software and testing. Disconnect all four motors/wheels, integrated braking, lighting, etc. If Rivian...
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Manufacturers are required to test to certify they meet standards. NHTSA and IIHS do some verification/additional testing, but not for all vehicles.
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    Chicago Tribune Article With Great Factory Updates and Photos!

    No point in making them both the same color with different names. If that photo is the color you want, order Forest Green.
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    Q&A session with a Rivian Guide

    Automakers don't all have to have the same sound, but there are very specific requirements. There was a petition by some automakers to allow user selectable sounds (currently prohibited) and it is out for further study before being granted (last I heard) The EU standard allows for the user to...
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    Anybody want to sell their reservation for the launch edition?

    This implies you may have already sold it? If so, I hope it works out.
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    Anybody want to sell their reservation for the launch edition?

    But they also haven't accepted an actual order from the account. They may or may not balk when that time comes - or at the very least ask some questions.
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    Q&A session with a Rivian Guide

    If you run over a pedestrian even with a functioning AVAS it's pretty much on you. Very rarely would hitting a pedestrian in a parking lot or other low speed situation be deemed the fault of the pedestrian.
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    Q&A session with a Rivian Guide

    Last word we had was capable but not enabled.
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    Texas EV Direct Sales Hearing Next Week. Come Show Your Support!

    Oregon introduced a tiered system with higher mpg rated vehicle paying higher rates. EVs are in the highest tier. They also offer a "by the mile" option. Break even is at ~ 5K miles/year for an EV under this plan.
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    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    What do you think Rivians annual sales would be for this purpose?
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    Inquiries Left Unanswered

    Contacting customer service directly thru their channels established that purpose is likely better than social media like instagram. Give it a try - they are pretty responsive (but keep in mind not all details have been released and they can't answer all questions)
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    We need 277 volt AC compatible charging. Really.

    J1772 cannot communicate voltage, and the spec is for 208-240V. If Rivian wants to enable 277V, they cannot use the J1772/CCS1 connector. A J1772 plug that provides voltage over the spec would certainly cause problems with many EVs. An EVSE could easily be wired to put 277V (or more) thru the...
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    Real Photos & Videos

    And others have been told two separate circuits.... I just had a chat with CS and he confirmed that all 4 R1T 110V outlets (2 bed, gear tunnel, center console) are on one 15A circuit - but also said that the vehicle was designed to be able to use the camp kitchen along with other 110V devices...
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    Depreciation Thoughts

    Short term depreciation will be low as long as Rivian is in a low production - high demand phase. Look at the Model Y (or even Model 3) for examples. Nobody "needs" an 800+ HP adventure vehicle, and there will be cheaper alternative to solve your actual transportation requirements - even with a...
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    Dcbel Charger=Home DC and V2H

    I like almost everything about what they are promising, and hope we get there soon. It includes integrating solar, an optional stationary battery (I assume required to enable DCFC for your EV), load shaving, and V2H backup as well as V2G
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    EVs, regen and rusty brakes

    Brembo is a top notch manufacturer, those specs are great, and none of it applies to rusty rotors :facepalm: Different EVs seem to suffer more than others from the rotors rusting from lack of use. I haven't heard much about the issue from Tesla owners - possibly because the brake pedal always...
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    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    I see flat towed vehicles as well, but usually not 6,000Lb+ 3 row SUVs. I'm not saying there isn't a market, but it is a relatively small niche. If you are Rivian, what is the ROI for including that capability at launch? Are they going to sell more vehicles? Are there additional potential...
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    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    In the big picture, the likely % of Rivian owners with a large RV is pretty small. Those looking to flat tow is even smaller. An aftermarket solution is probably your best hope. This also goes for other specialized uses like 37" tires and rock crawling. Adding the additional hardware and...
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    Which Manufacture will put 10K Pick-ups in Customers hand First?

    Really? If you had a battery with 2,000 miles of range you would want more?