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  1. Electronaut

    Rivian Warranty vs Other Auto Companies (Comparison + Chart)

    Rivian Enters The Auto Industry With the Best EV Warranty In America Rivian’s deliveries are just about to begin. Here’s why Rivian has the industry’s best electric vehicle warranty in America. Rivian is a...
  2. Electronaut

    Rivian Warranty information announced!

    Hey we're cited! Rivian’s amazing new warranty should be the standard for all EV brands It sets a new standard for EV makers Amazon-backed electric SUV maker Rivian is quietly...
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    Article: The Car [R1T] I’m Most Excited to Drive in 2021 Could Change Everything

    Link - The Car I’m Most Excited to Drive in 2021 Could Change Everything If it delivers on all of its promises, Rivian’s R1T electric truck will be the next big thing. December...
  4. Electronaut

    Revealing job postings - Rivian Insurance Agency and Global Collision Repair Program

    Great find, you just discovered that Rivian plans to offer its own insurance (like Tesla) and also a collision repair program! Neither of these have been known until now. I like that the company is thinking bigger scope and diversifying its business plan. By offering insurance and a repair...
  5. Electronaut

    Confirmed: Production start delayed until June 2021

    Not directed at the messenger (you) but that site has clickbait tendencies. And without citing an actual source that delayed production date is clickbait and pure rumor to me. We all know there's going to be production delay, but the fact that someone has shared actual timing with them is suspect.
  6. Electronaut

    Rivian videos as posted on Rivian Stories or their YouTube channel.

    Cool image of four poster test rig in that new article.
  7. Electronaut

    Rivian Shuts Down All Facilities to Slow Spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus

    Tesla just announced they're suspending all production at the Fremont plant starting March 24. This could last multiple quarters, wonder how long their cash will last before needing loans...
  8. Electronaut

    Colorado Senate passes bill allowing EV sales directly from manufacturer to consumer

    Colorado Bill 167 just passed allowing direct sales of electric vehicles from manufacturer to consumers. Score one for Rivian and anyone in Colorado. :clap: Scaled-back Colorado EV bill clears Senate Colorado state...
  9. Electronaut

    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    Colorado just passed bill allowing EVs to be sold directly to the consumer. :clap:
  10. Electronaut

    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    You can do what people in the states that don't allow direct-sales do when buying Teslas. Purchase online, take delivery out of state, drive it home and register it in your state.
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    Pardon the temporary look while we renovate

    The header images cycle for me. Nice new look and functionality @Administrator! The site loads faster too now.
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    Good Forbes Article on Rivian - production number estimates and vehicle servicing mentioned

    We know a hatchback crossover rally-style vehicle is one of them: I'm definitely looking forward to that one. The Model Y and Mach-E are both too soft and traditional for me. A more rally-raid type...
  13. Electronaut

    What Does Ford's Financial Situation Mean for Rivian?

    I can't believe that article has made the rounds on so many sites. Read the disclosure at the bottom, the author is a swing trader! He trades off swings in a company's stock price so this is a doomsday hit piece IMO and for all we know he's got a short position on Ford and hoping this article...
  14. Electronaut

    Bollinger priced at $125,000

    If you read the comments from the company, it's priced so high because they refuse to borrow $ to produce their vehicles, like so many startups do, which gets them into financial trouble early. Noble business plan but judging by the reactions on the internet, the sticker shock may make the...
  15. Electronaut

    Ford Mach E (full electric SUV) design leaked. 300 mile range, 400+ HP, AWD/RWD Doesn't seem like a full sized SUV so not a R1S direct competitor? But looks like a smaller SUV with Mustang inspired styling. Pretty decent stats -- should get 300 miles range, 400+ horsepower, and be both AWD and RWD.
  16. Electronaut

    Take away from NY Auto Show (pics)

    Don't think so. Haven't seen them in any R1S pics.
  17. Electronaut

    Rivian to attend Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ

    Great event for Rivian to be attending Overland Expo as it's the largest overloading event every year. They're sure to catch a ton of attention there with the R1T. Would be a nice place to introduce some accessories too since everyone there is so geared towards modifying/accessorizing.
  18. Electronaut

    Ford invests $500M in Rivian! Partnership to deliver all-new Ford EV

    Great news for Rivian's financial situation! GM must be pissed :headbang: Ford must not have asked for exclusivity since that's one of the reasons Scaringe cited for the GM negotiations failing. Wonder what EV Ford will build on the skateboard architecture??
  19. Electronaut

    Demonstration of R1T's "superior handling on anything you may call a road"

    Thought it was CGI in the first few seconds but that's real footage. Having a separate motor at each wheel, each independently controlled, with no mechanical linkage between them and therefore no need for differentials, makes for all sorts of traction advantages. :like: