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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Or possibly 45 days. They never promised May 1, only sometime in May.
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    Real Photos & Videos

    The R1S does have a current Michigan manufacturers plate on it. The close-up was just an example of an older plate.
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    Taking your R1T through an auto car wash

    With my Model X I've always avoided pull-through car washes, even though I've seen other people go through them without issue. I only use the touch-free wash and then towel dry to make the results somewhat decent. It is my intent with the R1S to go back to using conventional car washes, so...
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    Real Photos & Videos

    It's not even the same license plate. One is 132C and the other is 132J.
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    Who is Buying This Vehicle?

    I'm planning on the R1S as a replacement for a Model X. I don't plan to off road with it (currently have it configured with 22" wheels), and don't need 7 seats but will take them to get the Launch Edition. I've come close to buying a Mach-E and an e-tron, but neither seemed like as good a fit...
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    Who will get theirs first??

    More details will be announced closer to production.
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    Real Photos & Videos

    The wraps are solid sheets and don't have any decals or transparent parts. The mirror caps appear to be El Cap Granite.
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    Are you one of the thousands who placed your order and are tires of waiting so long for your EV?

    After watching the Lady and the Dale documentary and seeing the Elio perpetually delayed, I'm left to wonder if it's even possible to bring a three-wheeled car to production.
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    Illinios Dealers Sue Rivian

    My post was specifically referring to the Mach-E and ID.4, since those are the models you referenced and the only electric models currently offered. Sure, if you want a gas vehicle just buy it off the lot.
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    Illinios Dealers Sue Rivian

    I don't really see that as a sleazy sales technique, but rather a fact of life with the way Ford and VW have set up their ordering systems. Every order originates with a customer since dealers aren't allowed to order for stock. At most reputable dealers, there is no obligation to purchase an...
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    Rivian Service - Official Info Release!

    I've always received a Tesla loaner when I've needed one, although they claim they don't guarantee it. It may be that they reserve the loaners for S/X customers and 3/Y customers are lower priority. Usually it's an older model trade-in, which might be tricky for Rivian to pull off initially...
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    Rivian Service - Official Info Release!

    This sounds pretty much like the service I received for the first 4 years of owning my Model X. However, they no longer offer the valet service and now you have to drive to the service center. Hopefully Rivian has a plan to maintain this level of service for the long term, and not just during...
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    Real Photos & Videos

    There have been sightings of R1S with decals naming state capitals, but the state decals are unique to the R1T test fleet.
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    First Yakima products (bed tent) for Rivian teased by RJ

    I think Rivian will have their hands full for a few years, especially with their commitment to deliver Amazon vans. It took Tesla 5 years to get from Model S to Model 3, and I'd expect a similar timeline before we see any smaller, more affordable models from Rivian. I could see additional...
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    First Yakima products (bed tent) for Rivian teased by RJ

    Not necessarily. It could just mean the prototypes are labelled as 2021 models, and when they start production they will switch to 2022. Then again, they could just make all Launch Edition models 2021 and save 2022 for regular production.
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    Feedback on cleaning Pleather (vegan leather)

    I've had a Tesla with white interior for nearly 5 years and it still looks as good as the day I picked it up. There's no permanent discoloration on the seats, and dirt wipes off easily. I've used Armor All no shine cleaning wipes before, but a wet rag would probably have worked as well. Ocean...
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    Real Photos & Videos

    All the plates are Illinois manufacturer plates. Michigan plates are white with blue numbers.
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    Possible Power Tailgate for R1S??

    Incidentially, has anyone thought to ask Rivian if a kick sensor would be included on the R1S? I haven't seen any mention of it so I assume not, but it's worth asking.
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    The Rivian rep in the Georgia state house video definitely confirmed birds-eye view would be available.
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    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    Rivian used to sign their emails with their Michigan address but now uses California. However, their office here is still open and active.