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  1. davrow_R1T

    Real Photos & Videos

    No, appears to be Michigan (CA uses a vertical MFG).
  2. davrow_R1T

    Which Manufacture will put 10K Pick-ups in Customers hand First?

    I think the point is that you cannot get 2,000. You cannot get 400 from Rivian until next year. You cannot get 500 from Tesla until next year (if it happens). What you CAN get is more like real world 250, which is simply not enough. But personally, I will be satisfied with my 300+ LE.
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    Real Photos & Videos

    I did notice that. I'm guessing the little 'M' in the center means it is also a Mfg plate. But I cannot tell for what state.
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    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    Thanks for checking. I really hoped something would at least be posted. Sigh.
  5. davrow_R1T

    privacy. and security.

    They have so much important stuff to tell us. I really hope they don't waste our time telling us they have 'really good security'. Really, what could they say without compromising the very security you are asking about? My opinion, of course. Everybody welcome to have a different one. ;)
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Interesting windshield wiper pattern. Driver is nearly perfect, but passenger is almost 1/2 obstructed.
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    Purely anecdotal, but for what it's worth: we wanted a refrig for our van. Dometic is the big name, so that is what we got. 1st one was DOA. Returned for replacement. This one leaked what I assume was refrigerant+oil all over our floor. Returned for replacement. 3rd times the charm, right? No...
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    Buying high end EV from start up

    Isn't that kind of a personal question? ;)
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    Real Photos & Videos

    That is what it appears to be:
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    Rivian Colors (idea for samples)

    Or should be, at least! ;) (wife says team yellow for us)
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    Possible Rivian Meetup Locations

    We could just enroll all our wives in the Rebelle Rally and meet there. :)
  12. davrow_R1T

    Possible Accessory Costs - How much will my R1T really be?

    No idea what Rivian will do, but my last EV came with the jack and lug wrench even though it did not come with a spare. Just FYI.
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    Illinios Dealers Sue Rivian

    I'm still trying to figure out under what legal theory they are allowed to sue for something that hasn't happened. Amazon is going to charge me too much next time I order, so I want my refund now! Just doesn't work like that. Very strange they were even allowed to file such a suit. They have no...
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    Illinios Dealers Sue Rivian

    Gotta disagree with this. When I bought my Solara I told 'em my price. They came in just under. I bought it. Best car buying experience of my life.
  15. davrow_R1T

    Vent, B!tch & Moaning for the mis-"Guided"

    This is new! Is that a Velcro strip down the middle of the seat, so we won't need seatbelts anymore? (j/k, of course)
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    Rivian Warranty information announced!

    I'm not getting anything, either. Launch Edition. Not gmail. Sigh.
  17. davrow_R1T

    Collaboration with Illinois Based Weathertech?

    We're already planning our whole summer vacation based on picking the R1T up in Normal. So, yeah, I sure hope they allow factory pickup! :D
  18. davrow_R1T

    Vent, B!tch & Moaning for the mis-"Guided"

    Yep, I expect our guides to arrange our test drives, and we won't meet them until May.
  19. davrow_R1T

    Rivian confirms digital gauge / instrument screen is also touchscreen!

    Sure seems awkward to reach. Even the trip meter reset button on my car's instrument cluster can really only be reached while stopped.
  20. davrow_R1T

    Potential place in production/delivery line!

    One of my very first questions for my guide is going to be "What configuration will get me quickest delivery?" Next is, "will pickup in Normal be quicker than delivery to California?" I snagged an LE, and I want it in June. July at the latest! :)