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    Chicago Tribune Article With Great Factory Updates and Photos!

    Believe it or not . . . "Fields said the adjacent site will be the future home to warehousing, parts suppliers, a customer center to take delivery of new vehicles and perhaps a Rivian farm-to-factory agricultural operation to feed plant workers. "
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    How long is "longer range" R1S - any intel?

    Anyone have any intel on the longer range R1S coming in 2022? I know it wont have the "Max Pack" but anyone know how much longer than the "300+" for the LE? Anyone have any info or speculation? I think I read that RJ said they were getting 335-ish from the R1S test beds in real world driving...
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    Texas Roll Call

    Currently live in Seattle but building a house in Fulshear outside of Houston. Will be moving in early/mid 2022.
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    220V vs 240V - need advice on new home build

    You guys had me at "its the same thing - dont worry about it". Thanks!
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    220V vs 240V - need advice on new home build

    Hello folks - I am building a new home and I have requested a 60A/240V circuit for my R1S. My builder keeps telling specifying a 60A/220V circuit. From an electrical perspective, I often see 220/240V called out. Should I insist on 240V or is it a distinction without a difference? Thanks!
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    I have been debating this vs trading in to Rivian. How does the online store offer compare to trade in value?
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    Illinios Dealers Sue Rivian

    If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em. If you can't buy 'em, sue 'em.
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    Rivian Warranty information announced!

    Thats interesting. The last I heard (granted, it was a while ago), that was being discussed from talks RJ gave but I wasnt aware it was official.
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    Rivian Warranty information announced!

    Riddle me this - exactly WHERE can you get warranty service? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    EV break in requirements

    I think the break-in period probably applies more to the driver than the car. When I got my Tesla Model X (normal, not Performance) I wasnt ready for the instant torque. It takes some getting used to. If you pull off the lot and say "lets see what this baby can do", get ready for a large...
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    (re)Charging etiquette

    I have charged my 2016 Tesla Model X as a daily driver to 90% (Tesla recommendation for DD) for more than 5 years. I need to charge every night because my daily drive is 80 miles round trip and I have errands and stuff some days. I have lost about 10 miles max range in that time. The...
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    Only 85 Days until the start of deliveries

    I love your optimism!!! For myself, I am leaning toward delaying until a larger battery pack is available on the R1S. Also, I need more info on service before I will feel comfortable pulling the trigger.
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    Questions about range 300 or 400 mile?

    There is no substitute for range - get the biggest battery available is my advice. As to your driving habits, your daily is fine - more than fine even. I have a 2016 Tesla model X with a (rare) 60KW battery and drive 80 miles round trip every day and still have juice for errands at the end...
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    We are quickly approaching the point of dimishing returns where the desire for secrecy will work against Rivian. Everyone knows R1T/R1S is coming. Everyone knows what it looks like. Everyone knows the most important features included. Hell, Tesla has probably made more than a few preorders...
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    Rivian Reaffirms First Deliveries in June 2021 Via New video!

    I dont have one of the very early reservations but I will not be finalizing my order until more info is forthcoming. I am confident it will but the question is when.
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    Jeep Wrangler BEV concept coming in March

    Rivian better crush it with the R1T and R1S, and they need to be more proactive getting their brand out in the market. I agree. Many of us have said Rivian needs better, more frequent communications and brand awareness activities. I am not really worried about a Wrangler BEV. Hard-core...
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    Trade In's.

    My info is over 5 years old at this point but when I did a trade with Tesla, there was no negotiation - take it or leave it. Now that there is pressure to keep the sales pipeline moving? I have no idea.
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    Trade In's.

    My situation is a little easier - I am trading in a paid off 2016 Tesla Model X. But it sure seems to be problematic that 6 months before delivery they have not "ironed" out their financing plans. I hope its more a matter of they DO have them ironed out but are not ready to announce them quite...
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    Trade In's.

    I am keenly interested in this topic as well. Its only one of a set of topics that have yet to be addressed but will be critical for many folks to understand before Order Day.
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    Rivian opening first Chicago showroom in Fulton Market

    At this point, all they need for a retail location is one of the prototype vehicles and a store front. Everything else is online so they can scale pretty quickly with more locations.