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  1. Godawgs

    Real Photos & Videos

    I thought the same thing.
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    And don't forget, on 3/12 we got the "Guides" email, so we'd be going for four consecutive weeks. I'll go with @DuckTruck and guess accessories. We got a tent teaser this past maybe??
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    Bill of sale for rebate

    Before the pandemic hit (Sept 2019) I went to the Atlanta event and asked RJ when I’d realistically get my Rivian. This was when they’d targeted Dec 2020 deliveries. Told him I’d made my deposit 12/21/18 and planned on getting R1T w/ 135kWh pack. He estimated I’d get it by the end of Q1 ‘21...
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    Got it! I hadn't looked close enough at one of the still photos and only watched the video. I can see them after look at the overhead still. Thanks!
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    Are you guys calling the silver pieces the buttons? Those look like the mounting brackets for the rails to me, but maybe I'm missing something.
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    New Rivian Colors Discussion -- Vote On Your Preferred Color

    @sevengroove - I'm guessing it's a result of the lighting because the El Cap color hadn't been seen before. However, I believe the video on the recent testing release captures the El Cap color (albeit in the water)
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    Fast Charging Network Coming to Tennessee

    I'm over in Knoxville so this is good news! Thanks for sharing.
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    Which furry friend will be riding in your Rivian?

    Jonah and I can't wait for rides to the dog park in our R1T!
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    Real Photos & Videos

    I noticed the gear tunnel step no longer has the Chilewich material on it but it looks like it still has an internal compartment. If they do remove the Chilewich mat from production models I hope the have a patterned top to provide some grip. That looks like an injury waiting to happen.
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    North Carolina Mountains here

    I plan on getting an LE with the 135kwh pack. Preordered 12/18, so hoping to take delivery by 8/21. We’ll see.
  11. Godawgs

    North Carolina Mountains here

    Hi Bob, I live not far away in Knoxville, TN but visit Brevard twice a year for mountain biking trips. It's beautiful over there! I too ordered the R1T so maybe we can connect at some point.
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    Article: The Car [R1T] I’m Most Excited to Drive in 2021 Could Change Everything

    A couple of days ago I listened to an Australian interview with Emme. Appreciated her honest take. It was cool to hear her so excited about the instant torque! I am too :)
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    Tennessee, anyone?

    Awesome! We’ll have to connect when we get our Rivians!
  14. Godawgs

    Tennessee, anyone?

    Yes!! Knoxville. You?
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    So when do they start building for production?

    I’m waiting to hear a review of both vehicles from a first hand (in the truck/suv) reputable automotive source. We’ve read about Lucid and I’m hoping Rivian isn’t far behind. That would get me jacked and keep me excited without needing additional details from Rivian.
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    New Rivian Colors Discussion -- Vote On Your Preferred Color

    And FWIW....that photo is also on Rivian's website under "STORIES" at the bottom.
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    What new information are you excited to get?

    How about more details on test drives, service expectations, warranties and deliveries. That would be exciting to get.