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    New April 1st Email from Rivian Answers Many Lingering Questions

    Some of you guys/gals are true Riviots! :rolleyes:
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    Off Topic Chatter (Drinks, Travel, Photos, Anything Goes)

    What a great trip! I saw lots of familiar sites at Yellowstone, Tetons, Crater Lake, and all my favorites in Utah. Open road, wife, dog—what more could you ask for?
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    Roof Top Tents

    From the photo thread: Yakima tent
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Yakima collaboration, nice.
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    Off Topic Chatter (Drinks, Travel, Photos, Anything Goes)

    The other nice thing about High West is that they will sell it to you from their PC location on Sundays, nice if you’re in a pinch in dry Utah!
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    Rivian Warranty information announced!

    Seems like Thursday is the new Friday as far as press release/information drops from RIvian. Keep it coming!
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    HUMMER EV Pickup first official look

    That Bronco is really sweet. I‘m skeptical the Cybertruck as previously unveiled will ever see the light of day. I think it will have a major redesign before it’s produced. Musk said ~ November they would be unveiling the new design ‘in a month or so’ but still crickets.
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    Lordstown Motors Has Been Faking Orders, Is Actually 3-4 Years From Production: Research Firm

    NPR recap of the Lordstown/Hindenburg feud with a tiny Rivian blip at the end: Article
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    Colorado Checking In

    Not Colorado related, but Utah seems pretty well covered as well. Should be some great times driving around these two states!
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    Real Photos & Videos

    RJ’s kids in the R1S.
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    How much would you pay to use Teslas Supercharger network?

    Friend of mine drove his family down to southern Utah over the holiday weekend for a soccer tournament. He had to wait in line for one of the Tesla superchargers between Salt Lake and St. George. Obviously opening this to Rivians wouldn’t change the need much at the beginning, but with all the...
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    Not to derail, but this sounds like a story....
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    R1S Spotted Out Testing!

    Dealbreakers! :cool:
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    "Launch Green" paint stand-ins

    I can’t believe this hasn’t made the list yet. It’s almost 2022 after all.
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    R1S spotted on the Assembly line

    Yes! Progress!!
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    The One Dealbreakers Thread to Rule Them All

    I have no dealbreakers either, mainly because I need a vehicle! I was disappointed they won’t be ready for the 400 mile R1S at launch, and I didn’t really care about the 5/7 seat controversy since my kids are now old enough they don’t ride with me anymore. I use Apple CarPlay daily with my...
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    R1T Mule Spotted in San Jose

    I love seeing the (more frequent now) test vehicle sightings of the R1T. I wish we could see just one R1S though.
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    Somewhat disappointing- colors cost extra

    Autopilot, full self driving, whatever....$10K is a steep upcharge for an expensive vehicle.
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    Poll on additional cost for 400 mile version

    Hello fellow Utes! Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing some Rivians on the road soon!