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  1. DaveA

    Inspection added by Rivian to Mobile Service

    Anyone else get this? Does this have to do with that ball joint failure that was posted on Facebook/here?
  2. DaveA

    Texas Fast Charger dead zones

    Well, just completed a trip from San Antonio, Texas to near Tucumcari, New Mexico. Rivian's map estimation is that I would not be able to make Sweetwater to Amarillo and ABRP also showed that I had to stop in Lubbock at a slow charger, but I soldiered on....as it is 240 miles and at 100%...
  3. DaveA

    Tiger stripes in hood paint

    Ok, so after coming down from Cloud 9, I’ve noticed that the hood has lines in the paint. Isn’t the only way to fix this a re-spray? Needless to say I’ll bring this up with my guide but what a bummer. ?