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  1. RivianDeac

    R1T Got Her Winter Kicks: Michelin X-Ice Winter XL tires on Powder Coated 22’s

    Almost bald Pirelli 22‘s just not cutting it in the snow. Shout out @GrandWaggy for the *slightly* used 22” Sport Brights!! Had them powder coated Satin Black at Powder Coating Specialists in York, PA. Super cool shop! Michelin X-Ice Winter XL tires mounted by local shop. Magnetic jack pucks...
  2. RivianDeac

    R1T LE 10k miles and 6 months later and I am still smitten

    I am still smitten. Every day I get a little tingle knowing I get to drive her another day. I wish everyone could be as lucky. My truck just delivered us safely home, yet again. Central PA to southern Alabama and back. Absolutely no issues as usual (aside from the wife and I arguing over who...
  3. RivianDeac

    Rivian home wall charger wiring question

    Electrical weekend warrior here. Quick wiring question. I have 6/2 AWG direct bury to the Rivian wall charger with 60A double breaker at the service panel. Black goes into L1 and white into L2 with middle ground wire. It seems to work fine. Both white and black were “hot” on voltage tester...
  4. RivianDeac

    Door Fenders Misaligned? Quick easy fix.

    Like many of you my lower door fenders were not aligned. The service center fixed most of them but one persisted and was bothering me. You can peel open the rubber weather stripping on the body of the truck. These are PVC corner drywall protectors I had laying around. They are cheap, snap...
  5. RivianDeac

    📥 New Rivian email: production sequence adjustments to maximize production output in spite of supply challenge

    Rivian Hi E I’m writing you from our new Customer Engagement Center in Irvine, CA, where Guides and Specialists are working to support deliveries to customers across the country. It’s been a privilege to see social media and Internet forums flooded with photos and videos of new customer...
  6. RivianDeac

    Who Killed the Electric Car?

    For those unaware, this story is absolutely fascinating! You can stream it free with Amazon Prime. If you are snowed or iced-in like me, I highly suggest checking out this short documentary. It is a former Sundance film from 2006 about the EPIC FAIL GM EV1 from the mid-90s. The parallels (and...
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    Amazon up $12 billion on Rivian investment

  8. RivianDeac

    ? For Experienced EV Owners - DCFC Availability

    We are going to do our first long distance EV trip over the holidays from PA to Jacksonville, FL. Forecasted traveling volume is robust. Thus far, EA DCFCs have been quite reliable on shorter trips. Our Volvo XC40 (impulse buy after Rivian delays) can do about 200 miles, and I was planning on...