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  1. 4 Wheel Steering Cybertruck - in Action Video

    It’s a bit ugly (or a lot depending on the day) but I put in a reservation about a week after we bought our Tesla. As far as pricing, like the rest of you, I don’t know what they’ll cost but they’ll probably cover the range of a normal truck line up ($40k - $110k see F-150). I’d totally get it...
  2. Jul-Sep 2023 R1S Delivery Windows - Status Tracking

    Moved from April June to this window.
  3. Tires with lucky charm dots on my new R1S is for balancing LOL

    Seriously??? And to your point #3 maybe it’s time to be more open minded.
  4. No/Low Regrets Cost-Cutting Opportunities

    Why not get a car or CUV EV then?
  5. Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    That would push us over 4 years wait. This is not a limited edition 911 (for which the wait would be shorter). It’s starting to be hard to see the appeal. Especially that we’ve had a guide for more than 6 months. Maybe they’ll add a glovebox and cup holders by the time we get it 😂
  6. Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    Pushed back from April-June to July - September. Seriously considering being done with this company and keeping our Raptor until the CT is out.
  7. Your R1S may be dehydrated when….

    I don’t like the silver/brushed metal/chrome strip but I find this yellow to be just so tacky and out of place. 🤢
  8. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    Our guide literally lied to us telling us that the shop is only for R1T… To your point, invitations might only go out to LE reservation holders - even though we put our deposit before a lot of LE people. Edit: she sent her email today
  9. Michelin Defender tires installed on 20" wheels

    We should request from Rivian that changing tire/wheel size can be done through the UI as you can on Teslas. Seems ridiculous to have to go visit the SC for that (as long as one stays within factory dimensions).
  10. Very disappointing snow experience

    What about finis then? Fin
  11. s00nish Product Update: Bottle Holders, Cargo Bar Holder, RTT Bushings!

    Lots of cool products!! Still don’t understand why Rivian couldn’t simply come up with more user friendly solutions. I know most people here are giving them a pass for all those missing features but it just doesn’t make sense.
  12. 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Pickup Truck Concept Officially Revealed ⚡️🐏

    Really like most of the design and features. Let’s see what makes it to production.
  13. Scary Experience With Windshield Wipers -- Not Fast Enough to Clear Falling Snow and Splashed Water

    Unfortunate about the wipers. Most auto setting on all cars will take 1 or 2 seconds to react when splashed by other vehicles. There’s been a lot of standing water this weekend with all the rain (and then ice today). Side note, if you’re driving slow enough that people pass you on the right...
  14. Camp speaker randomly waking up while docked?

    Take it out. Use it until the battery is dead. Don’t put it back.
  15. What is this, and do I need it?

    Helps with aero hence better range - probably minimal impact.
  16. R1S delivery from Oct, 2023 to Dec, 2022.

    Pre or post 3/1 pricing?
  17. Production and delivery delay question

    @Caveman21 when you say early order. What do you mean? What’s your order date?
  18. I miss having a full size truck

    One thing that’s unfortunate about the R1T is that it’s pretty wide outside but the cabin is pretty narrow (in comparison to a full size truck). It gives it nice proportions when seen from above but it feels like wasted space. I can’t see replacing our Raptor with it and that’s why we’re...