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  1. goldburger

    Cool Rivian Patent/TradeMark Info

    this page is fascinating... https://uspto.report/company/Rivian-Ip-Holdings-L-L-C RLV, R1X, R1V, R1C, RCV... Rivan Scout, building constriction? Are we on this forum... Rivianites? Inder... they're making boats? A lot of these are dead/abandoned it seems.
  2. goldburger

    Body Damage...not seen at delivery

    There were a few plastic fender and trim issues I only noticed 9 days after pick up because they are in the bottom of the truck, around the wheel, etc. i got it on Xmas Eve so was pretty busy, not driving a lot. It happens.
  3. goldburger

    All electric household?

    Home Depot is the more economically prudent place to shop, but I go to the neighborhood hardware store instead. Whatever "most people" do isn't necessarily the best thing for a society at large. The Y is a great car and the supercharger network is enviable, and yet... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. goldburger

    Lack of range anxiety... What was your moment?

    Why would the battery be cold after driving 100 miles? Doesn’t driving warm it up? thanks for this thread, as a first ev owner who likes to road trip with the family this is good stuff
  5. goldburger

    Lack of range anxiety... What was your moment?

    So if I’m understanding, first the truck said you didn’t have enough charge, then it says you’ll have 79 miles left, so you decided to skip it and go 60 miles further? Why was it wrong to begin with? What’s a preconditioning message look like? I have so much range anxiety lol
  6. goldburger

    All electric household?

    Lol yes, I am aware what is motivating her decision, and I support her.
  7. goldburger

    PSA: don't slam your gear tunnel doors!

    My gear tunnel doors are still wonky after a sc visit. If I don’t slam the doors they don’t shut ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. goldburger

    Backup Camera is too bright

    Have you set the brightness to auto? My driveway is pitch black and have not experienced any trouble.
  9. goldburger

    Best Way to Contact Rivian?

    can rivian actually sell you a car to an address where it will not be registered?
  10. goldburger

    All electric household?

    After getting the R1 my wife is on board with becoming a full electric family, and the Y makes so much sense because we love to road trip, but she refuses to get a Tesla :swear:
  11. goldburger

    Aero Covers May Potentially Damage 21" Wheels

    All my aero covers come loose, slightly. A quick tap clips them back in, but not cool, IMO.
  12. goldburger

    Snow tires for 21" wheels?

    That means a smaller diameter tires, yes?
  13. goldburger

    California WTT: 21” wheel/tires and spare plus cash for 20” Brights or Darks

    OR you drive to LA and our tires have the same mileage on them ;)
  14. goldburger

    AdventureMat - MagSafe Charging Pad

    are you currently shipping? website has said 7-10 days for a bit now...
  15. goldburger

    Snow tires for 21" wheels?

    you'll need to charge no matter which wheels you get. probably should just do the 20's then...
  16. goldburger

    Vampire Drain Relating to Frunk Trim -- my solution to reduce drain %

    I lose 2% soc every 3 hours. Fun.
  17. goldburger

    R1T Orders: Dec '22 - Jan '23 -- Status Room

    Got it. Makes sense when you have specific needs. Good luck, I hope you get into a truck soon!
  18. goldburger

    R1T Orders: Dec '22 - Jan '23 -- Status Room

    That sucks. Is it because you’re not close to a service center? I assume you asked why? Any reason you’re resisting getting a shop truck if you have access?