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  1. Is the ‘low speed tock’ still a thing?

    VIN 4000. Had my R1T in the SC twice for this. Was informed it was normal “gear lash” and absent evidence of physical damage the splines/half shafts would not be replaced. Sound first appeared around 2000 miles. I now have 5000 miles on the vehicle. First repair was to repack the lube, replace...
  2. Climate controls not functioning correctly

    I have had the same problem since I took delivery in May. 112 outside, running the AC (on Auto), heat will come on. Winter, 30 outside running the heat (on Auto) AC will come on. Had the SC look at it during my most recent visit. Couldn’t find a cause. Surmised it is a software problem. If...
  3. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Drove down to Village of Oak Creek, AZ today. Progress is being made at the RAN site but not ready for prime time.
  4. How noisy is your front end?

    My noises started around 2,000 miles. Now have 5,000 miles on the R1T. They are distinctly two different noises. The first is gear lash emanating from where the half shafts connect to the splines. Rivian’s position is absent evidence of physical damage this is normal. I disagree. Non-the-less in...
  5. Bed step

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Bed step

    I bought a $35.00 hitch step on Amazon for my R1T. Good thing. One week later I was rear ended. Broke a weld on the hitch step but saved the R1T. Easy to replace.
  7. What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    The ability in Snow Mode to totally turn regin off. While Snow Mode was a tremendous improvement ice and regin still do not play well together.
  8. Cell phone mount

    A couple of approaches to the charging pad and phone mount problems. Glued a couple of rubber strips to hold the phone on the charging pad if I want to use the charging pad or charge an extra phone. Installed a Lamicoll mount with charging cable if I want to use the phone.
  9. How noisy is your front end?

    No detailed explanation by the SC just that it was thought to be a damper problem.
  10. How noisy is your front end?

    Have the same problem. When I recently picked up my R1T after a second lubing, bolt replacement and tightening for the half shaft, spline, gear lash the additional suspension noise was thought to be a dampener problem which Rivian was supposed to be working on.
  11. Crack sound after sitting for hours

    Sorry “noise” not nose.
  12. Crack sound after sitting for hours

    Mine does the same thing. One tire rotation backing out of the garage and a loud clank. The steering wheel jerks slightly. Hadn’t thought about debris on the brakes but my nose always comes from the front left area.
  13. Drive unit gear lash?

    My R1T was absolutely silent until 2,000 miles. Then it developed “gear lash.” Had it in the service center twice, same repair, lube the half shafts and splines, replace and tighten bolts. Will pick it up tomorrow. I would be surprised if the problem has been fixed but hope springs eternal.
  14. Who wants a simpler R1?

    Reliability in the long run is very important to me because I keep my vehicles longer than the average consumer. I am deeply appreciative of those who have not had premature problems with their Rivian’s but my experience has been different starting after a mere 2000 miles, half shaft repairs...
  15. Spare bolt dimensions

    Took the OEM bolt to Home Depot and matched it to some longer stock they had.
  16. Issues using Alexa?

    While I certainly am not an Alexa fan much of its performance requires reliable internet connections. ATT (Rivian’s cell provider of choice) is not as reliable as other providers where I live. Hopefully Rivian will in the future allow us to choose our own provider and cell reliability will no...