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  1. Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    my preorder was 1/24/23. Plan on doing normal pack. I wonder what my expected delivery is going to be. Prob mid/late 2024? WOOOOO
  2. Newly placed orders now expected to begin shipping in 2024

    I just ordered a R1S on 1/24/23. When I did it did say “Late 2023”. Am not surprised at all. Probably won’t see ours until mid 2024 I’d say, which is fine because the plan is to line it up with the 3rd kid (who isn’t in production yet either) :p.
  3. Dual Motor Rivian Orders are now being confirmed!

    Just ordered our R1S on 1/24/23 - Going to do the Standard/Dual Motor. However, I have a feeling I won't be getting mine until 2024.
  4. Rally Mode Activated - put the kids in back of R1S to make some memories

    Is Rally Mode available for Dual Motor or only Quad? (I have kids who would love this)
  5. Glacier White R1S delivery at San Jose

    Love the white! I'm going to try to convince my partner to go with white instead of the limestone.