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  1. dp351

    PSA - Don’t destroy / curb a wheel like I did (tips to avoid)

    After driving my R1T for a month and 1,600 miles, I’m still having trouble scraping curbs while parking, which I’ve never had driving other cars over the past 40 years. Last night it happened for the third time, this time causing major damage to my (22”) right front wheel. The damage occurred...
  2. dp351

    RIVN stock down 17% this week. Why?

    As of this writing RIVN is down 6.5% today, to cap off a terrible week where it’s lost 17% of its value, with another hour to go. NASDAQ is down about 4% this week, and Tesla, with all of its drama, is down about 10% this week. There’s been no big news about Rivian this week that I’m aware of...
  3. dp351

    SF Bay Area PPF Installer Recommendations?

    I’m seriously considering doing the full stealth PPF wrap when my truck arrives. I’m curious if anyone has used & recommends any shops in the East San Francisco Bay Area. I’m in Walnut Creek and I’m sure there’s several shops in Concord doing this work. It would be even better if someone has...
  4. dp351

    Unique R1S wrap (edit: camouflaged tester)

    Saw this today in Danville, CA.
  5. dp351

    Bosch to build Rivian motors in South Carolina

    https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1137592_us-made-bosch-ev-motors-are-going-into-rivian-trucks Not sure if this is news, or which vehicle these will be used in.
  6. dp351

    Foxconn EV Pickup Revealed

    Not likely to compete directly with the R1T, but interesting nonetheless. It looks smaller than the R1T, perhaps Ford Maverick sized. If done right, they could sell a lot of these. IMO small EV pickups will be a huge market in the future...