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  1. Ladiver

    The baby is getting wrapped!

  2. Ladiver

    What is this, and do I need it?

    I was washing the new R1S today and noticed I was missing something on the passenger side. I assume it’s an air deflector of some type. Is it needed? driver side passenger side
  3. Ladiver

    You have got to be f’ing kidding! (Rant about Rivian windshield issues)

    my R1T has been at the service center waiting on a windshield since Wednesday. On Thursday, I got my new R1S. Well, today the windshield in the R1S cracked!!!!! I think Rivian has a really big issue. In my 30 years of driving and my wife’s 30 years of driving, we have replaced exactly one...
  4. Ladiver

    Problem with RAN!

    I just got my R1S on Thursday. As I was driving from Salt Lake City to Southern California, I had to make several charging stops at EA stations. Everything went well…until I got to Barstow and a Rivian charger. I plugged into the first charger and got a vehicle error, charger unavailable...
  5. Ladiver

    What did I come across???? (Easter egg?)

    As I was coming home from work, I wanted to go into the settings and re-enable kneel mode. To my surprise, there was a new menu icon “RiDE”. When I clicked on it, there was a quote from Thomas Edison. I tapped the screen and it asked for a password. Well, I didn’t guess it and had to keep...
  6. Ladiver

    Can Rivian fix a windshield?

    Is it possible to fix a Rivian windshield that has been chipped, or is the current recommendation to just replace it?
  7. Ladiver

    Anyone plug an RV into the R1T bed outlet?

    I just tried and the outlet doesn’t deliver any power. I plugged in a Dewalt battery charger and that was powered. I’m curious why my RV doesn’t pull anything. I will have to troubleshoot more later.
  8. Ladiver

    Tire Rotation in Orange County, CA???

    I need to get my tires rotated, but no shop I've talked to has the pucks. Has anyone found a shop that has them? Service Center can do it, but not for a couple of weeks. I want to get it done this weekend, as I am driving to Idaho on Tuesday. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Ladiver

    Orange County, CA to Newdale, ID - SUCCESS!

    I just got back from a 2,000-mile trip to Idaho. I was a little apprehensive, but everything worked great. I charged at EA stations exclusively and only had one minor hiccup on a charger that was resolved by switching chargers. EA is making some network upgrades, so all charges were...
  10. Ladiver

    How do you keep the charger handle cool?

    I’m taking a long road trip this week and am trying to determine how to get the best charging speed. I used a 150kW charger and it delivered 148-150kW for about 8 minutes, then dropped to 34kW. The truck said charge was limited by the station. I checked the handle and it was HOT. So, I...
  11. Ladiver

    Alignment after service

    My truck was in for service last week. Today, I noticed the truck pulls to the right pretty strong. I don’t know what service would have done, but I also notice all of my wheels had blue stickers on them after I got it back. Before service, alignment was great. Should I bring it to Rivian’s...
  12. Ladiver

    Anyone in Orange County, CA with Launch Green Xpel Stealth?

    I am considering getting Xpel Stealth on my R1T. I would love to see it in person before committing. Anyone have it and willing to meet up somewhere?
  13. Ladiver

    Home Charger Wiring, Does This Work?

    I am not an electrician but will hire one to do the job. I am just curious if this wiring would work or if I need another selector switch? Can you even have a 14-50r on a 60A breaker? NO I know I could not use the outlet and the wall charger at the same time. They would not be. The outlet...
  14. Ladiver

    Anyone driven Las Vegas to Idaho?

    I will be taking a road trip in September from SoCal to Idaho. I will be staying in Vegas both directions, so mainly concerned about Vegas to Newdale, ID or at least Salt Lake City. how bad will elevation gain hurt the efficiency? Using ABRP, what should I put in for a more reasonable...
  15. Ladiver

    PPF is a necessity

    So I now have two chips through clear coat and paint. One from a rock, on the hood. And the second from a shopping cart on passenger door. Both now expose bare metal and the cart left a small dent. At this rate, my launch green will be primer gray in a year. I am shocked how weak the clear...
  16. Ladiver

    Changing gauge display behind steering wheel to show tire pressure or battery efficiency (mi/KWh)?

    How do I change the display behind the steering wheel to show tire pressure or battery efficiency (mi/KWh)?
  17. Ladiver

    “Installed” New Gear Guard and Alarm

    Meet Zaya, not related to Gear Guard Garry.
  18. Ladiver

    Delivered! My Rivian Story

    I must say that despite all of the gaffes that Rivian has had, this is still one of my best car buying experiences. I placed my order in November 2020 a few days prior to the configurator going public. I had always wanted a 300-mile range EV and a truck is that much better! I knew it would...
  19. Ladiver

    Taking Delivery Wednesday

    I am getting my R1T tomorrow afternoon. I’m super excited and hope the experience is positive. Has there been anything that current owners recommend that I make sure the delivery person goes over? I am new to EVs and expect it to be pretty straightforward. added: should I be concerned that...
  20. Ladiver

    Efficiency with tent mounted above bed

    Does anyone have a tent mounted on their R1T? I’m curious how much of a mileage hit you take? I will be driving from SoCal to Missouri to Idaho and back to SoCal in October. Looks to be about 30 hours to Missouri and another 30 hours to Idaho. Probably want to have a tent, just in case. My...