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  1. carmigo

    Ordered my Ford Lighting today

    Sounds like that was a tough decision to make, but glad to hear you might get it this year. Good luck friend!
  2. carmigo

    1,000 Electrify America Chargers Coming to 200 TA Rest Stops Across the U.S.

    Electrify America is always doing revolutionary things regarding EV infrastructure. Have you heard about their concept for human-centered EV station? It looks like apple made a gas station. Kind of cool. check it out: https://www.carmigo.io/2022/04/04/ev-charging-station-of-the-future/
  3. carmigo

    Pressure in head like being in airplane while driving Rivian?

    Someone mentioned it could be the torque so that seems likely. When i switched upgraded to a taller car i felt a hint of motion sickness while driving it but eventually got used to it.
  4. carmigo

    Gas Prices Are Headed Back Up In February (No Politics)

    Down But Not Out The average national gas price was $3.50 on January 27, up more than ten cents over the prior week and forty cents over the end of December. Steadily decreasing gas prices this fall boosted some segments of the used car market. We’ve seen a great deal of rising demand for...
  5. carmigo

    PSA - Don’t destroy / curb a wheel like I did (tips to avoid)

    Yikes... hate to see it, but thanks for sharing with us so we can try to avoid the same fate.
  6. carmigo

    Let's play a game: what part fell off my R1S today?

    Good, Hope all four stay in your car lol.
  7. carmigo

    Is this Forest Green??

    That matte finish is most likely a wrap. Looks amazingly done though..
  8. carmigo

    Let's play a game: what part fell off my R1S today?

    Good thing it was just a floor mat pin lol. Love the optimistic spin you put on the situation, but really hoping the next pic you share isn't your entire engine on the road...
  9. carmigo

    lately it occurs to me....

    It took so long to de-code what this meant lol
  10. carmigo

    Get $7,500 When You Buy A New EV With The EV Tax Credit

    If you bought an EV or plugin hybrid in 2022, you are likely eligible for up to $7,500 in tax credits. We say likely because there are a few stipulations based on your income and the make/model. This tax credit is also good for 2023, meaning it’s not too late to reap the tax benefits of an EV...
  11. carmigo

    First Rivian Solar Chargers opened in TN

    Thanks for sharing! Very interesting! Looking forward to seeing more advancements for EVs
  12. carmigo

    Cargo net for frunk??

    You could DIY it by using some extra strength command hooks and then buying a cargo net and simply hooking the net.
  13. carmigo

    Michelin Defender tires installed on 20" wheels

    Looks Amazing!!! Great job!
  14. carmigo

    west coast roadtrip, extended range on last update near 400 miles

    $150 for 1,400 miles! That's not bad at all. Wow...
  15. carmigo

    White Interior issues?

    The general consensus seems you could get away with lighter seats if you take preventative measures like the leather shield and keep up with cleaning. As someone who often spills things in my car though, I would go for darker seats just to be safe.
  16. carmigo

    Alexa Thanking People.

    Always make sure to thank Alexa, Siri, etc. You never know when they'll become self-aware, and you definitely want to be their friend if they do.
  17. carmigo

    What to expect going from a Tesla to a Rivian: my experience

    Thanks for sharing! It's interesting to see how rivian stacks up against a Tesla. So glad you've been enjoying your truck so far. We are also excited to see what developments we might see in the future.
  18. carmigo

    Are You Thinking About Cashing in on an EV

    Thanks so much for giving us a shot! We hope you get the price you're looking for!
  19. carmigo

    Need Waze integration

    That is a valid problem... I've heard of these CarPlay detachable GPS setups that you can install and then your phone (and waze) would connect to it. The link I attached is an example...
  20. carmigo

    Cloudy backup camera

    Did a little research, and you could try using a micro-fiber cloth or baby wipe with some rubbing alcohol or windex.