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  1. Crash Test Coming Soon?

    Sounds like they have tested out the machines and are able to handle a vehicle as heavy as an R1T https://www.foxnews.com/auto/electric-trucks-heavy-crash-test.amp
  2. Houston Rivian Event

    There have been threads about an Austin Rivian official event and a Plano Rivian official event. Any notice of a Houston area event?
  3. Charging behavior on 39.1+ Breaker tripping?

    Anyone else had their breaker trip with the new update. I haven’t had mine trip in 3 months of use, and have a 60 amp dedicated breaker for my 48amp charge. The new updates mentions AC charger performance at high temp, so kind of made me wonder if something change. It could just be...
  4. 6-20p plug with portable charger

    Anyone attempted to charge using the portable charger and a NEMA 6-20 p. I was thinking I might use this charger. PFCTART NEMA 6-20P to 14-50R EV Charger Adapter Cord Compatible with EV, 30 Amp Dryer to 50 Amp EV for Level 2 Charging https://a.co/d/489ffoe But there are comments indicating it...
  5. RJ shows Service R1T and Rivian Service Vans

    RJ tweet with video of the van and truck. I think it is cool that they are able to use their own products for their service vehicles. I am sure it also informs them some on the usefulness of the products and it looks cool.
  6. Drive and Reverse

    I have adjusted after a couple of days but don’t these seem backward. I have seen that other cars do it the same way with up being reverse and down being drive but it seems counterintuitive. maybe it is just me, but up seems to go with forward (ie drive) and down seems to go with back (ie...
  7. Interior lights

    I have noticed sometimes the interior lights above the rear door seem to turn on. I recently noticed them on with all the doors closed while driving. I reached back at a stop and touched them to turn them off. After driving another 10 mins in the rain, I look back and they are on again. And...
  8. What is the feature that people respond to when they approach

    For those that have been out in the wild with your new toys. When people stop you or approach you. What is the thing that they respond to most? Gear Tunnel? Touneau cover? Frunk? Keys? Infotainment? Light Bars? Other? positively and negatively
  9. Tax Credit Changes in new bill [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS & ARGUING]

    Sounds like there will be changes in the new bill to income thresholds. Wonder what they may be. https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/27/politics/schumer-manchin-deal-build-back-better/index.html
  10. Houston Charger Installation

    Any good recommendations for charger installation in Houston. Anyone use the recommended service from Rivian?
  11. Adventure vs Launch Edition Trim details

    Anyone have a list or pics of the nuanced differences on the trim for the adventure vs the LE. What is in the dash where the Launch Edition chrome tag is on the passenger side? What color is in the head rest sides? What about the clips that hold the back pockets of the seat Are there any...