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  1. Alchemy8279

    Estimated Delivery updates must be in progress.

    I have not confirmed my order or received the 8-step email with a Dec '22 to Jan '23 delivery window but doing my every 15-minute refresh to see if there is anything new in the R1 Shop or if I can lock my config; my delivery estimate just changed to "Processing estimate." Looks like the updated...
  2. Alchemy8279

    Gear Shop Pricing Just Updated to Match Pre-order

    The gear shop pricing just updated to reflect the lower prices on items removed from my order. They also list two colors for the mats, of course the yellow is out of stock.
  3. Alchemy8279

    Second Tennessee Service Center is Officially Open

    The Franklin, TN service center is officially open and is now listed on Rivian’s site (along with the additional CA SC). Hopefully this means my 8 steps is forthcoming!
  4. Alchemy8279

    A/C Performance

    For those of you who have your trucks and are in the area of the country under the heat dome, how is the AC performance? Is it cold or is it struggling to keep up?