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  1. derekmw

    Rivian, please ”add” a power button

    For me, probably partly from owning Teslas prior to the rivian, I’m used to how it works and like it. Even in my house, lights come on by motion, front door unlocks by proximity, hvac system turns on/off by proximity, etc etc. yes I could manually turn all these on/off but I set up all this...
  2. derekmw

    Rivian, please ”add” a power button

    I don't want one nor need one.
  3. derekmw

    Change truck image on display to include crossbars?

    Tesla only recently finally added the option to change wheel configuration (although primarily this is to help with range estimates) to update the look on the screens and also allows you to change the color of the car. I would imagine this is pretty low on the list of priorities for Rivian
  4. derekmw

    Scout EV pickup/SUV teaser released. Visit new sister-site @ ScoutEVforum.com

    Estimated price $40k? They don't even sell the ID.4 for that...lol
  5. derekmw

    PSA: Check if your Rivian is locked 😢

    Nice, that's good to know. So I don't have to even turn off my bluetooth anymore and can safely lock the truck with the phone inside using the key card? (or my new wrist band I finally got them to enable even though I'm not a LE owner)
  6. derekmw

    PSA: Check if your Rivian is locked 😢

    This has happened to me a few times surfing, where I thought I turned off my Bluetooth, locked the car using the key card, and eventually I guess the truck unlocks itself because the phone is in the truck? not really sure In other situations though, Tesla's app will warn you that the car has...
  7. derekmw

    Rivian OEM running boards coming in March says Service Center

    Yeah, if this is true, it's great and nice to hear them reacting to customers' needs/feedback. I've been holding off on the aftermarket options because I would really prefer an OEM solution. March isn't that far off. Even if it's just more information and details in March, that would be...
  8. derekmw

    Rivian OEM running boards coming in March says Service Center

    A guy from the service center called me to discuss my upcoming appointment so I figured I would ask him if he knew of any running boards in the work that will be OEM from Rivian. To my surprise, he said they will be coming out in March? (which probably means later this year, lol) Has anyone...
  9. derekmw

    Owners w/ Highest Mileage Rivians So Far?

    I would have been the same but last month decided to slow things down. Also an August delivery and now at 8800 miles. I still love it but just don't want to put 20k miles in 1 year which I was on course to do. lol But I do love the truck
  10. derekmw

    Official Rivian Email: A Look Ahead to 2023. Rivian Membership cancelled and unbundled into subscription services

    Is that really bad behavior though? If they're doing it, that is because they're actively charging. They are simply unplugging briefly to avoid getting charged. But if it wasn't free at all, they would just let it sit and charge up to the desired level anyway, no? What I hate is completely...
  11. derekmw

    Official Rivian Email: A Look Ahead to 2023. Rivian Membership cancelled and unbundled into subscription services

    I was hoping RAN would be always free on their first group of customers (like the first group of Model S got) - being that the RAN is barely built out, and we are early adopters who are supporting their future. But I guess that won't happen. Not a huge deal since I rarely will use them, but...
  12. derekmw

    Any San Diego owners willing to do a little in person show and tell?

    I'd be happy to. Let me know when you wanted to see it. Mine is Glacier White with Black Mountain interior in Aventure Package. Every morning I surf in PB area and then work from home so as long as my wife isn't using it, I'm available during a break.
  13. derekmw

    2022.47.0 software update installed w/ SNOW MODE!

    My truck broke trying to update to this version. lol. SC is trying to remotely troubleshoot but so far it hasn't been fixed. My update failed to install overnight, and then in the morning, I'm still on the old version but with a slew of errors/warnings on every door/hatch/sensor it seems:
  14. derekmw

    R1S Forest Edge delivered with wood headrest surround removed.

    This is one of the only reasons I bought it. After my Model 3 Performance lease came up, with the R1T price being slightly lower than the Y and not much more than another Model 3 Performance, it seemed like a much better value.
  15. derekmw

    This R1T gives new definition to Mall Crawler

    This must have been caused by sudden unintended acceleration (SUA). Tesla's have also been having this issue. I hope Rivian takes a serious look at this and addresses this issue. HUGE safety issue here! ...if you couldn't tell, that is a joke...
  16. derekmw

    Something is missing here.... can you spot it?

    The emblems on the Rivian are way too thick that on my white R1T, I could see dirt accumulate on tight spots of the lettering. So I eventually had them removed and thought I wouldn’t like it but I find I actually prefer the look now.
  17. derekmw

    Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    Sent you a message on the website as well, but curious what the return policy is. I need this so that my in-laws who are elderly can get in/out easier. They struggle right now. But if this doesn't really work for them, I want to return, but it shows that you only accept uninstalled unused...
  18. derekmw

    New Rivian 21" Wheel Caps Came in and Where's the QC?

    I thought this was going to be a '...and only 1 cap came' post. I did that mistake but thankfully caught it the minute I placed the order.