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  1. harkco

    Rivian (Sorta) Branded Frunk Liner

    Just thought I would share with the group... I did the same with the WeatherTech mats in my Raptor. Found a sticker company that makes drop in replacements for the WeatherTech logos on their liners. Perfect fit for the R1T frunk liner as well....
  2. harkco

    Mobile Inspection Repair?

    I've had several voicemails from Rivian regarding scheduling mobile service for open repair items. Seeing as I had no open repair items, I have ignored the calls. Today they left a little more detailed message stating they needed to address some "quality control inspection" so I called them...
  3. harkco

    Is Gear Tunnel Completely Water Tight?

    I had my defective rear window replaced by Rivian a few months back after taking delivery. It had paint splotches and strange scratches on it. Anyhow, at the time they replaced it Rivian service said the gear tunnel had to be removed and the rear spoiler to replace the back glass. Flash...
  4. harkco

    PSA on Loose Underbody Shield Bolts

    Just a heads up for anyone that is interested. I've read several accounts now online about people finding all kinds of loose bolts on the underbody shield of the R1T. I had a chance to check mine this weekend, and I'm glad I did. Probably 75% needed tightening. I found 2 that were completely...
  5. harkco

    BuiltRight Rivian Accessories Possibly Coming Soon....

    I had quite a few of BuiltRight's accessories in my Raptor. Very high quality stuff. Seems one of their people has taken upon himself to start scanning the R1T! Hopefully we get some products designed specifically for the R1T soon! And by soon I mean soon, not Rivian s00n.
  6. harkco

    Elon Musk says that Lucid and Rivian are tracking toward bankruptcy

    https://electrek.co/2022/06/14/elon-musk-lucid-rivian-tracking-toward-bankruptcy/ I personally don't, but it's a slow day at work....
  7. harkco

    Has Your Guide Gone MIA?

    Just curious what others have experienced. I took delivery at end of March and had some initial issues that have been worked out by Rivian. I was trying to get one last thing resolved and my Guide went unresponsive for the last 3 weeks. It's not a super bid deal, I was just wondering if...
  8. harkco

    Left Side of Driver Display Cluster Question

    Does anyone know, and I'm sorry if this has been covered previously, if you can change what is displayed on the left side of the display in front of the steering wheel? Previously it had a navigation graphic. Now it displays tire pressure. In videos I've seen other things displayed there. I...
  9. harkco

    No More Tiger Stripes on Paint -- fixed by Rivian Service along with Rivian also rear window replacement

    My silver R1T was one of the trucks that had pretty bad tiger striping on the hood. Finally received it back from service yesterday and it looks perfect! Have to wait 2 weeks now to have the hood re wrapped (hence no hood emblem - and why the rest of the truck is matte). Rivian also replaced...
  10. harkco

    Gear Guard No Longer Working?

    Have had my R1T a little over a week. For the first 4 or 5 days, gear guard worked fine. For the last couple of days it is no longer recording video clips. I have not changed any settings. I have tried toggling it off then back on, but no joy. I read somewhere that someone did a vehicle...
  11. harkco

    Does R1T tailgate light bar light up when braking?

    Does anyone know if the R1T light bar on the tailgate is supposed to light up when braking? If not then, when? While charging? Driving with lights on? Thanks in advance. Kevin Harrison
  12. harkco

    Electric Airstream

    Pretty awesome concept! Can't wait to see these in person..... https://electrek.co/2022/01/19/electric-airstream-concept-is-the-rv-industrys-iphone-moment/ Please delete if I missed this elsewhere.
  13. harkco

    R1T Wider Than Raptor?

    My wife has put the hammer down and demanded she get her double garage side back when I get my R1T (which I acquired when I got my Raptor in 2018). At the time I had just pre ordered the R1T and thought to myself "no way it will be wider than the freaking Raptor." Well this weekend I had some...
  14. harkco

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    Just wondering for those of you that have used and had to store roof top tents before, how practical are they? I have almost purchased them in the past for my 4Runner and even my current Raptor, but don't like the idea of having to remove and store when not in use. Leaving it on all the time...
  15. harkco

    Has Anyone Been Told By Rivian They Will Take Delivery In July?

    Just curious. I know there have been guide contacts at this point, but I have yet to hear from anyone that was told by Rivian to expect delivery in July - which they stated would happen.
  16. harkco


    Very interesting..... New Cybertruck Tonneau Patent Mentions Potential Use as Solar Panel On the same day as Rivian announces another delay no less....