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  1. Midnight over Forest Edge R1T Delivered! Impressions/Photos

    What is the story on the charging photo. Is that a peek inside?
  2. Software Version 2023.02.0 [beta] -- Improved EPA range, key fob firmware, new door ajar notification, steering improvement & more...

    There I think 47.0 was the first .0 released to the general public in about a year. Usually .1 .2 or .3 after beta testing. I guess you could wait about 3 weeks each release to let it settle and maybe pick up a fix if needed, and get it before the next update is pushed. I have thought about...
  3. "Ultra Rare" Rivian color combinations

    Added it now. Didn’t realize I was driving a unicorn.
  4. 📊 Delivered R1T Owners List and Stats [Enter Yours]!

    Added. We need to capture the Midnight Forest Edge group.
  5. "Ultra Rare" Rivian color combinations

    Dude. That is my combo.
  6. New Rivian App Update! (1.10.0)

    So now we wait for the OTA for the vehicle…. I guess it may have some more charging insight on the app or in the vehicle.
  7. 🇨🇱 Tell Your Rep to Support HB 1222 [No Front License Plate]

    Never. Even when getting a speeding ticket or warning.
  8. 🇨🇱 Tell Your Rep to Support HB 1222 [No Front License Plate]

    I haven’t had a front license plate for 15 yrs, it isn’t really enforced, but agree on officially getting rid of it, to get me back within the bounds of the law.
  9. PSA: Check if your Rivian is locked 😢

    I can’t even get it to stay on the entire time I wash my car.
  10. Rivian, please ”add” a power button

    I believe they auto back to auto when you start driving.
  11. What surprised you - preferably in a good way?

    Note you can adjust the level of the accent lights on the right side of the lighting page.
  12. What surprised you - preferably in a good way?

    Surprises, The comfort. Was worried about the leg room for a growing teenager. Not an issue and he loves it. Also just feels roomy, making for comfortable road trips. The enjoyment of watching gear guard videos. The amount of time I send on the forums and thinking about the vehicle after...
  13. Wyoming EV Sales Phase Out Proposal

    These computers are killing the typewriter industry. Need to get rid of them.
  14. Interior lights

    I never put in a ticket. I don’t think I see it anymore. I think my son had turned them on.
  15. Thinking about returning R1T, need some help.

    You make the payment the day before, but you don’t accept and sign for delivery until the day.
  16. Good idea to opt out of force Arbitration and waive Class Action right

    Anyone who opted out, did you get an email back or any notification?
  17. Thinking about returning R1T, need some help.

    This stinks. When built properly it is a great truck maybe you can get a different one.
  18. Official Rivian Email: A Look Ahead to 2023. Rivian Membership cancelled and unbundled into subscription services

    While this upset me some, if I am honest with myself, I didn’t factor the membership benefits in my decision to purchase and would sign again even if the membership didn’t exist or required a cost.