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  1. Arky

    Ski / snow trip experience with the R1T

    I decided to try skiing in the R1, it's my first time taking it up in the hills so I wanted to write a little trip report for anyone who might find it useful Summary: 2.17 mi/kwh 170 miles to/from winter park, CO 3h46m drive time Departure conditions ~45F, garaged Arrival conditions ~5F -...
  2. Arky

    Does your flashlight work?

    Mine apparently doesn't anymore. I can see the LED light up but it's so dim it would be barely usable in a darkroom, it flashes as you turn it on which is maybe indicating it thinks it's super dead. I don't know why - it's lived in the door this entire time, I tried letting it warm up, trying...
  3. Arky

    Rear window squeak

    Curious what other peoples' findings are on this. My truck seems pretty quiet/well structured (apart from some very minor suspension noise that I'm not too bothered by) but I get this brain grinding squeak from the rear window sometimes that I intend to try to get Service to address but I wanted...
  4. Arky

    How to use non-adaptive cruise control?

    Hey everyone, Hoping someone here knows a trick here - I got my truck just yesterday and as I was driving off into the sunset (quite literally) I tried to use the cruise and got an error "Cameras unable to see ahead, cruise control not available". I've heard it's a thing in some cars with...
  5. Arky

    Ocean Coast speculation thread

    I imagine this is probably a futile effort because if anyone knows anything we'd probably be hearing about it but it seems about time to pull on the threads and see what we get. We've been given news of seeing OC in "Fall" which is a tremendously vague timeline, and it feels like a lot can...