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    Gas Prices Are Headed Back Up In February (No Politics)

    Down But Not Out The average national gas price was $3.50 on January 27, up more than ten cents over the prior week and forty cents over the end of December. Steadily decreasing gas prices this fall boosted some segments of the used car market. We’ve seen a great deal of rising demand for...
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    Get $7,500 When You Buy A New EV With The EV Tax Credit

    If you bought an EV or plugin hybrid in 2022, you are likely eligible for up to $7,500 in tax credits. We say likely because there are a few stipulations based on your income and the make/model. This tax credit is also good for 2023, meaning it’s not too late to reap the tax benefits of an EV...
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    Are You Thinking About Cashing in on an EV

    The EV Tax Credit is Real (We got a plugin hybrid minivan last year). If you've been thinking about making the switch to and EV and cashing in on that tax credit, here is how it works. There are three broad qualifications for the EV Tax Credit: 1. You must make less than $150,000 per year if...
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    Drop A Picture of Your Rivian For A Rating

    Reply to us with a picture of your Rivian and we will rate it!
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    Used Cars Made Easy

    Here's a new used car market segment we're trying out. Is it helpful at all? What could we do to make it more helpful?
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    Used Car Prices Stabilizing Going Into The New Year

    Rising Used Car Prices Are Nice for Sellers, But Not Here to Stay The Manheim Used Car Index has increased for two consecutive months for the first time since Winter 2021. It’s a Christmas Miracle if you’re trying to sell a car. Used car price drops have been hard on sellers this year...
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    Gas Prices Are Still Dropping With No Signs Of Stopping.

    Gas prices have been reliably falling month over month since this summer’s record highs. Last week, 22 states had an average gas price under $3.00. Texas led the way with an average gas price of $2.70. Demand Is Still Lower than Last Year Current gas demand in the US is still 300,000 barrels...
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    Carmigo Cars Sold for $2,500 More compared with Carvana and Vroom in October

    In October, cars on the Carmigo marketplace sold for about 30% more than what Vroom and Carvana offered, which comes out to thousands of extra dollars on nearly every car we sold last month. In fact it’s about $2,500 on average more than the Vroom and Carvana were willing to offer. But that’s...
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    Are Used Car Prices Finally Stabilizing?

    A small increase in used car prices may indicate stability. For the first time this summer, the Manheim Used Vehicle Index saw a slight uptick. We also saw the number of used vehicles sold go up since October. That doesn’t mean used car prices are about to go back up. But hopefully, we’ll see...
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    Carmigo Makes it Easier to Sell Your Car - Here's How

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to the Carmigo process in case you’re thinking about selling your car: What You Do: Go to this page to start building your car’s profile. You’ll be taken to a web application that will help you take 13 pictures of your car. Answer a few questions about your car’s...
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    ⭐ New Years Resolutions: Yay or Nay?

    Look, New Year's Resolutions are pretty divisive. Some people live for them. Some people hate them. And some people use them as an excuse to put off trying again for a whole new year. As for us, we think every day can be a fresh start. What about y'all? Got any goals? Any resolutions? Any...
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    Carmigo Introduction

    Hey, y’all, we’re Carmigo, and we’re pumped to be here. Since we’re a used-car marketplace, we keep up with car market trends and have a lot of dealership vets on the team. If you have questions about market trends or buying/selling your vehicle (on Carmigo or anywhere else), hit us up. We’d...