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  1. The wait ended today... R1S delivered after 846 days of waiting!

    I once subscribed to the margin theory, but my own delivery last November contradicts it. I had pre-March 2022 pricing and the free LE wheel upgrade.
  2. The wait ended today... R1S delivered after 846 days of waiting!

    You only had to wait 846 days! Lucky! But seriously, congrats!!!
  3. Undor Pre-orders Now Open - for those who charge in the driveway

    Just received my Undor. Unfortunately, its channel is not quite wide enough to accommodate the thickness of the cable on the Rivian Wall Charger. The cable will still be pinched when the garage door closes, which kind of defeats the purpose. It has plenty of room for the much thinner cable on...
  4. Charging to Optimize Battery Life - What's Your Strategy?

    We cap it at 70% for daily driving and plug it in every night (L2 charger, 48A), regardless of what the state of charge is at the end of the day. That way, we always have 200+ miles of (nominal) range to start the day (we're on the 20" AT's). The only time we'll charge to 100% is when we're...
  5. R1S deliveries at/from Costa Mesa (CA) Service Center?

    Thanks! Finally washed it for the first time yesterday, now that we have a break from the rain. Still loving it, but a few issues have popped up that will require a trip to the SC: Creaking noise coming from underneath the second row or the back of the driver's seat when going over bumps or...
  6. TurboTax EV Credit Software Function Coming 1/19/2023

    Turbotax gave me the full vehicle purchase credit after I entered my delivery date (11/22/2022) as the date I purchased and placed in service. But now it says my credit for installing the Rivian Wall Charger is $0. Is there a rule that prohibits claiming both the vehicle purchase credit and...
  7. R1 Shop Access Granted!

    Three R1 orders! Now that's Staying Adventurous!
  8. Now getting more range on a full charge. Anyone else?

    Interesting, thanks for the insight. Honestly, my real efficiency metric has been: Does a 70% charge give us plenty for a typical day of driving (i.e., still have at least 15-20% when we plug in at night), and can we still do our favorite road trips without needing to charge more than once...
  9. R1S owners, what's your average mi/kWh so far?

    We took delivery of our S with 20" AT wheels last November. After 3,500 miles driven, we're averaging about 1.9 mi/kWh.
  10. Now getting more range on a full charge. Anyone else?

    When we took delivery of our S with AT's last November, a 70% daily charge equaled 195 miles of range. Since the last software update, its crept up to 200 (so a full charge should be about 285). Of course, real world range is almost always a bit less. We're averaging about 1.9 mi/kWh after...
  11. BMW recalls nearly all iX vehicles. Where’s the media outrage?

    They should all be recalled for the beaver-inspired grill design. Horrendous.
  12. For those who got R1S (or R1T) at original approximately $78k would you buy one for new price of approximately $93k?

    You may find the answers useless, but I think they're all responsive to the OP's question. If only there was a way for you to start your own "useful" thread... My sympathies.
  13. For those who got R1S (or R1T) at original approximately $78k would you buy one for new price of approximately $93k?

    Probably not, because there will soon be real alternatives to the R1S that cost much less (such as KIA's EV9). I consider a "real alternative" to be a fully-electric, 3-row SUV that doesn't force significant compromises in utility, storage, range or 3rd-row comfort. In that environment, I...
  14. Rivian Hits 25,000 Vehicle Production Goal For 2022!

    Right you are! It's just the title of the original post that needs correcting.
  15. I'm in a conundrum

    My two cents: Wait for what you want, you're so close. I bet you get your 8 steps before Feb.
  16. Rivian Hits 25,000 Vehicle Production Goal For 2022!

    So according to Rivian's release, they fell just short of the 2022 25k target. Guess you can't believe everything that random people post on Twitter and Facebook after all?! 😉
  17. Do you plug in every night regardless of SOC?

    Yes, we connect the Rivian Wall Charger (Level 2, 60A circuit) every night, with charging capped at 70% SOC. At the end of a typical day, it's down to 25-35% SOC, so with our nightly charging the battery stays in the SOC "goldilocks zone" nearly every day.
  18. Tesla releases J1772 Wall Connector Home Charger (For Non-Teslas)

    One advantage of the new Tesla J1772 wall connector is how thin the cable is compared to the bulky cable on the Rivian wall connector. In our garage I have both the standard Tesla wall connector (for our Model 3) and the Rivian wall charger, which I got for pre-March 1 pricing, for our R1S...
  19. Rivian Adventure Network Charging Stations Map Updated - Coming Soon Locations

    No addresses, but there's a bit more detail when you zoom in on the map on Rivian's site. For example, looks like one of the "coming soon" locations is in Buttonwillow, CA, just west of Bakersfield.