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  1. Arky

    Charging to Optimize Battery Life - What's Your Strategy?

    Almost universally the best way to reduce calendar aging is to maintain the lowest possible charge level, although the benefits in trying to 'maximize' this life diminish as you go lower in charge level (Chemistries are obviously going to vary somewhat but here's an actual paper on it.) Low SOC...
  2. Arky

    Will these work for the 22s -- Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 tires

    If you can find SLs that can handle stock inflation pressure more power to you, I just found when I was looking they often didn't meet it (most fitments were XL range tires.) That said it seems to be inconsistent across brands and makes, and I'm surprised to see ours is SL (although given it's...
  3. Arky

    Michelin Defender tires installed on 20" wheels

    I wouldn't use SL range on this truck. Most SL tires can't handle inflation pressures above 42/44 cold, so they'll wear excessively and reduce range on our vehicles.
  4. Arky

    Regen braking in conserve mode vs other modes

    Front brakes typically do 65-80% of the work when normally braking, and the actual bias won't be noticeable if you're not in a traction limited scenario. If you're on a slick surface or dirt you can notice because the car will 'push' a lot more especially if braking and turning using front...
  5. Arky

    System Fault, then no heat

    That's a new one - I really wish there was some more detail on what went wrong in these cases because seeing major systems fail and "service your vehicle" isn't helpful when you're nowhere near it. I've left mine in the cold at 0 and below overnight and it's worked perfect every start, but...
  6. Arky

    Rivian, please ”add” a power button

    In my last car I never need to take the keys out of my pocket. A regression to that behavior (with a bulkier stupider phone) is not an improvement. I'd love to be able to force things "off" so I don't need to go into the climate menu and turn it off and turn off my music so it doesn't randomly...
  7. Arky

    Vampire Drain - 4.57 kWh/day, 8 miles rated range per day

    One thing that I think makes it hard to quantify the drain is that coming from a drive cycle and storing the car especially outside in the cold could lead to a lower voltage reading on the cells without really using energy. It's extremely hard to quantify charge levels across a temperature swing...
  8. Arky

    Vampire Drain - 4.57 kWh/day, 8 miles rated range per day

    I think leaving it plugged in especially when cold (<50F) is not ideal, because the truck needs to warm the battery in order to be able to charge it at all, but since you're charging 1-2% at a time most of that heating is wasted over a long period instead of just for a few hours while it charges...
  9. Arky

    For those who got R1S (or R1T) at original approximately $78k would you buy one for new price of approximately $93k?

    I don't think I would - although it's really not an indictment of the car so much as the fact that $95k is a ton of money for *any* car and I don't think i could stomach it. Everyone's so careless on the roads or in parking lots and I can't stand the thought of daily driving that much car. For...
  10. Arky

    I designed some 3D printed window shims to fix my Driver's side wind noise

    Interesting I might need to give this a shot. I get a little wind noise but never noticed anything 'loose' and its still quieter than many other cars so it didn't stick out. When you just used tape did you just stick it over the gap or were you specifically trying to hold that trim piece down...
  11. Arky

    21" to 20" wheels switch -- never-ending drama

    They only pick OE equivalent wheel sizes - to my knowledge Tesla doesn't let you just input a tire size and there's a lot of variation in tires on a particular wheel. I'd like to change mine to 275/60/20 or 275/55/20 when I need new ones, but it's the same wheel.
  12. Arky

    Official Rivian Email: A Look Ahead to 2023. Rivian Membership cancelled and unbundled into subscription services

    Yeah if they're going to charge me for the modem I'm disconnecting this thing from my own wifi - they can pay for all the data they want to send back to the mothership. I'm not paying another sub for data when I literally carry a phone everywhere, I'll just switch to a car that lets me use that.
  13. Arky

    ID.4 Runs Out Of Juice! Almost Made It To A Charger..

    I can walk a mile in 15 minutes, grabbing a can of gas and filling it is much easier than rescuing an EV. I don't think Kyle is really clickbaity but he is testing/experiemneting with things that we hopefully don't have to deal with ourselves and I'm thankful for that. Unfortunately the only...
  14. Arky

    Does Stability "Off" really mean Off?

    In Rally and Drift "Off" really does seem to mean off. I can feel absolutely no intervention when doing pretty much any maneuver, including an intentional 180 to change direction. Not sure about general off road modes but I would generally trust Rivian means "off" when they say it.
  15. Arky

    Issues with Heated Seats

    I saw this happen on one of my drives. I figured it might just be some finicky thing that didn't feel like working that day and it went away the next time I drove the car, I didn't do any reset/etc.
  16. Arky

    How is your defroster (not defogger) working?

    You need the AC to remove moisture from the air. I would assume the defroster is much more focused on heat so it won't blow as dry cool air. At least when I tried it I only had to have the defogger on for a minute or so before it all just disappeared then I went back to normal cabin...
  17. Arky

    How is your defroster (not defogger) working?

    Use the defogger - it will do a better job at fixing the problem you're trying to solve. In my experience it clears up very quickly.
  18. Arky

    Do you plug in every night regardless of SOC?

    It doesn't let me set a 50% charge limit so I don't always leave it charging. I do a lot of local trips where I don't need a ton of charge and battery aging is typically lower at lower charge, albeit with diminishing returns. 70% won't do too much bad to the thing, but it's still above how I...
  19. Arky

    Frozen Spare Tire Latch

    I think Conair makes an aftermarket one for about $20 ;)
  20. Arky

    Losing range while charging???

    Unless the temperature is really down like around -20F a lithium battery should be okay, but yeah you do have to heat it significantly to charge because below freezing the anode lattice contracts and can't properly absorb ions. I would probably rather just leave the truck unplugged rather than...