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  1. Rivianation

    "Rivian orders placed after 20% price hike appear to jump the line"

    Oh boy... Rivian has angered its early customers yet again with updated delivery dates this week. Rivian raised its vehicle prices last year and faced backlash. Now it seems the automaker is prioritizing delivery of its more expensive vehicles first...
  2. Rivianation

    Why doesn't Rivian badge the Quad?

    The dual motors will eventually enter the market which is good for Rivian's future, but they don't distinguish the quad motors from the others like Tesla does with both their long range and performance trims with the DUAL MOTOR and the red underline. Seems strange for marketing department to...
  3. Rivianation

    Rivan wants you to cancel your pre March '22 order [?]

    Am I too cynical? :rolleyes: If Rivian will lose some profit on the pre-March priced orders, wouldn't they love those orders to be customer-cancelled and those vehicles go to people who'll pay $17K more? The bad part is there is no way of really knowing if they are dicking around with these...
  4. Rivianation

    22" Sport Bright vs Sport Dark - Crazy pricing

    Rivian charges $1700 more for Sport Dark 22" wheels over the Brights, presumably because of the extra step of spraying the Sport Bright wheels with a black-tinted coat to create the Darks. It seems to me they can save us money by simply powder coating all 22"s then machining off the face of some...