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  1. Had my R1T alignment fixed at independent 3rd party alignment shop (spec sheet attached)

    Yep. I hit the curb with my front passenger tire. Steering wheel is off about 15 degrees to the left now, and pulls to the right of let go.
  2. Had my R1T alignment fixed at independent 3rd party alignment shop (spec sheet attached)

    I have mine booked in for alignment checking at the local Rivian SC as during the last snow storm the truck slid sideways into a high pavement with quite the bang and knocked the alignment out. For comparison they have quoted $240.
  3. Rivian OEM running boards coming in March says Service Center

    Official response from Rivian (on Reddit) 11/21/22: What's the status of the Adventure Bumper w/ winch? In the past, we mentioned that we were exploring an adventure bumper with integrated winch on R1T and R1S. We're constantly evaluating our product offerings, and we've made the decision to...
  4. Rivian OEM running boards coming in March says Service Center

    Back in October the SC told me that the winch is being redesigned due to issues they had encountered with weight, and running boards are in development. Well… we all know how the winch turned out so I will see it when I believe it.
  5. Megawatt™ Rock Sliders for R1T. Coming soon to Electruck4x4.com

    Any confirmation yet on the clearance lost?
  6. Megawatt™ Rock Sliders for R1T. Coming soon to Electruck4x4.com

    @electruck4x4 how long is the preorder pricing available for. til 1/31?
  7. Driver+ Enabled / Mapped on Which Highways ?

    it works for me on 70/470/25. There was one time a few months ago where it stopped working which a full reset fixed things. I’d try a reset if you haven’t already and if that doesn’t fix things then definitely raise a service ticket.
  8. Coming to Electruck4x4.com in 2023...

    This is a tough one for anyone willing to take up the challenge… a front mounted winch.
  9. Coming to Electruck4x4.com in 2023...

    love that idea! I have the pro eagle Kratos Jack in my gear tunnel and no matter how much I try to wedge it In eventually it breaks free and starts rolling around.
  10. Phantom anti-drain

    Yep DIA. Will be back home tomorrow so will update with status.
  11. Phantom anti-drain

    I parked my truck at the airport on 12/17 with 81% SoC, not plugged in charging. Within the first 16hrs it had already lost 5%. Realized I had left GearGuard on so turned it off. Subsequent days after that was losing about 1-2% a day until the big -24F storm hit on 12/22 where it lost about...
  12. Cold Texas Rivian

    Update on my SoC while still parked at the airport… after Thursday’s -24 temps my truck was left with 55% charge after a drop of 15%. But since Thursday (it’s now Sunday) it has slowly been increasing each day. Truck is now at 61% and not plugged in! If those figures are right that means the -24...
  13. Cold Texas Rivian

    Now the bomb cyclone has passed and back to 49 high 9 low weather im losing 1% per day while parked at the airport.
  14. Cold Texas Rivian

    What’s your definition of cold? My truck is parked at the airport where given temps of average 46 high 19 low it was losing 2-5% per day charge. But the bomb cyclone that’s just hit where temps hit a low of -24 it’s now losing 15% per day! Just hoping there’s going to be something left by the...
  15. Portable winch option

    Yeah… everyone confirming my suspicions, winch2go not ideal by any means. Is there such a thing as an off vehicle cradle that can hold a winch that would be placed in between the truck and mount point similar to the winch2go concept or is that just a disaster waiting to happen?
  16. Portable winch option

    Yep it’s 4000 lb straight pull, but it’s instructions can say support 8000 lb in double line / 1 snatch block, so was wondering if it could support 2 snatch blocks to get it to 12000 lbs. it has a solid steel base plate with integrated latches so wonder if that could handle the stress. I keep...
  17. Portable winch option

    Given the lack of winch options for the Rivian, anyone know if something like a Superwinch Winch2Go running on an external battery set up in triple line mode (2 snatch blocks) would work?
  18. Direct Current Engineering (DCE) Introduction: builders of the OPTIMA Rivian and OPTIMA Power Station vehicles

    What portable winches are you using? And how are you powering them? any near term plans for a DCE winch solution?
  19. Lubed tonneaus - is yours still working?

    Had mine >6 months. Never lubed. Use the tonneau quite a bit. Never had an issue.
  20. Rivian Insurance Questions

    One of the reasons I went with Rivian/nationwide was their promise of possible discounts at renewal based on driver+ usage. Well… my first 6 months is up and just got my renewal. I used driver+ at every possible opportunity. My premium increased $360/year. So much for the discount.