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  1. jbssfelix

    Upcoming Competition: 2024 Tacoma Pickup Design Leaked 📸

    I see they swung for the fences on that design....:rolleyes:
  2. jbssfelix

    R1S w/ 21's Delivered! My $0.02 first impressions so far.

    This is how I currently wave whenever I see a Rivian...does that count?
  3. jbssfelix

    Ski / snow trip experience with the R1T

    As a fellow front-ranger, this is super insightful. Thanks for the detailed summary!
  4. jbssfelix

    Rivian Pauses JV with Mercedes to Make Electric Vans

    That just means stock is on sale. Time to buy a few more shares. :)
  5. jbssfelix

    Rivian seats vs F-150 Lightning seats - Munro teardown review

    Or painting all of the thermo-molded plastic parts, which can easily be dyed just about any color from the beginning. Head-scratcher for sure why they did that.
  6. jbssfelix

    🔮 Estimated Delivery Date Window is LIVE! What’s Yours?! 🔮

    Dec 2021 pre-order. Oct-Dec 2023 estimated delivery. Original estimate was 2h2023, so not entirely surprised, but was secretly hoping for July vs November lol.
  7. jbssfelix

    [UPDATES IN NEW THREAD] Tow to Rivian Service Centers is now a Charged Fee (as of 10/6/22) 💰

    Y'all are a funny bunch. I'm sure there's plenty of people in the US that live hundreds of miles away from the nearest same-brand dealership as their new car (quick and dirty example Sunshine WY is >100 miles to the nearest Ford or Toyota 'ship). And if something goes wrong, even if under...
  8. jbssfelix

    R1S Delivery Day @ Austin SC. Excitement Level 11

    I used to live RIGHT THERE (well, across Lamar behind the carpet warehouse)
  9. jbssfelix

    Rivian R1S vs. Lexus LX600 Review: Off-Road-Ready Luxury SUVs Comparison [Motortrend]

    As someone coming from a Land Cruiser to an R1S (by way of a Tesla in between), this makes me feel great about my decision to drop what was a lifelong dream of a vehicle.
  10. jbssfelix

    Frustrated 2018 preorder holder

    This is obviously not remotely close to all deliveries, but even from this sample, you can see LE's are pretty much the only thing going out right now.
  11. jbssfelix

    RJ shows Service R1T and Rivian Service Vans

    So they're going to eat up the resources of a tech so he/she can drive 5 hours to complete a 45 minute service to drive 5 hours back... Or they can call a tow, keep the tech in the SC to work on the bazillion other tickets that are open, and then fix the issue once it arrives at the SC... If I...
  12. jbssfelix

    Electrify America - Redesigned labels coming to charging stations

    It looks like these are just 8" tall stickers on the front of the chargers. I was really expecting these to be the full height of the charging stand so you could tell them apart from, say, 50 yds away. Seems kinda silly to make them still so small. Also, at least make them 3 different colors...
  13. jbssfelix

    My R1S delivery experience so far + info / pricing on 20" wheels with A/T tires

    FWIW, Bridgestone also makes a Blizzak tire in the proper 22" spec. https://www.bridgestonetire.com/tire/blizzak-dm-v2/275-50R22/
  14. jbssfelix

    Entry / ingress into R1 is not that easy

    As someone who likes to take his SUV's off road, I'm actually glad they didn't make it a standard feature. As was stated earlier, running boards tend to just get smashed and sheared off, often taking other body panels along for the ride into damageland. Now, I do agree that there should be an...
  15. jbssfelix

    Our R1S is here!

    I'm literally 15 mins from the Denver SC. Where the hell is my R1S?! ;)
  16. jbssfelix

    SEVEN R1S in the Denver Service Center lot - plus an Ocean Coast interior in the wild!

    Hope this helps...broke down stock (top), blacked out chrome trim (middle), blacked out C pillar (bottom). Also added some tint to all three as it sure as hell needs some. :)
  17. jbssfelix

    NHTSA now has a R1T & R1S for their Database

    Since nobody has replied...no, I do not believe the Rivian has an active headrest whiplash suppression system.