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  1. harkco

    Rivian (Sorta) Branded Frunk Liner

    They are close, but to fit on the Smartliner they required trimming - which did not end up looking that great - but that's just my opinion.
  2. harkco

    Rivian (Sorta) Branded Frunk Liner

    I actually have both the WeatherTech and Smartliner Frunk Mats (both were gifts). These stickers are slightly too big for the Smartliner one. I couldn't get them to adhere very well to the Smartliner as well. Work and fit great with the WeatherTech though. I would say the grippiness is the...
  3. harkco

    Rivian (Sorta) Branded Frunk Liner

    No - just that one. I have the R1T, though.
  4. harkco

    Rivian (Sorta) Branded Frunk Liner

    I thought the same thing! Still better than a WeatherTech advertisement with a phone number!
  5. harkco

    Rivian (Sorta) Branded Frunk Liner

    Just thought I would share with the group... I did the same with the WeatherTech mats in my Raptor. Found a sticker company that makes drop in replacements for the WeatherTech logos on their liners. Perfect fit for the R1T frunk liner as well....
  6. harkco

    Let's play a game: what part fell off my R1S today?

    Mine did the same thing. Took me a minute to determine where it came from.
  7. harkco

    Tidal Hifi+ sounds much much better than Spotify

    So... I've read through this entire thread and am still unsure if Rivian supports HiFi+. Can anyone confirm?
  8. harkco

    Need advice for PPF on new R1S

    Search PPF instead of PFF And TWraps has lots of good options if you want to DIY..... https://twraps.com
  9. harkco

    The wait ended today... R1S delivered after 846 days of waiting!

    Congrats to you! Now go enjoy it!
  10. harkco

    Upcoming Competition: 2024 Tacoma Pickup Design Leaked 📸

    I'm not hating on Toyota - again I've had 4. My last was a 2014 after the fascia refresh. I just remember getting excited then - 10 years ago - that we were about to get a 6th gen. But I digress....
  11. harkco

    Upcoming Competition: 2024 Tacoma Pickup Design Leaked 📸

    Oh I know - I've had four 4Runners. Just amazes me how excited people get when Toyota iterates every decade or so.
  12. harkco

    Upcoming Competition: 2024 Tacoma Pickup Design Leaked 📸

    I still can't comprehend why the current 4Runner is basically the same as the original 5th gen design that came out in 2009!
  13. harkco

    DCE Rock Slider Product Overview & Install video for Rivian R1T / R1S

    If there ever is an option to order without the logos, please let us know. I'm not a fan of logos, bumper stickers, etc... just a personal preference.
  14. harkco

    Mobile Inspection Repair?

    Yes - that was definitely one of them. The other 2 had something to do with trim pieces in the bed that could potentially leak. Guess we shall see on Friday. Thanks for the responses.
  15. harkco

    Mobile Inspection Repair?

    Like 3200 something - received in March 2022
  16. harkco

    Help me decide: full body stealth wrap?

    I have XPEL stealth on my on my silver R1T. Very happy with it. Really like the look as well. Has already protected my driver's side door and hood on several occasions. In my opinion, it looks hands down the best on the El Cap Granite color, however.
  17. harkco

    Mobile Inspection Repair?

    I've had several voicemails from Rivian regarding scheduling mobile service for open repair items. Seeing as I had no open repair items, I have ignored the calls. Today they left a little more detailed message stating they needed to address some "quality control inspection" so I called them...
  18. harkco

    F150 Just became the dumbest choice in EV

    That's a pretty good summary.
  19. harkco

    Cloudy backup camera

    My friend with an R1T had the same issue upon delivery. They ended up replacing the camera - which took 2 weeks while they waited on parts.