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  1. Rivianation

    "Rivian orders placed after 20% price hike appear to jump the line"

    "According to who?" that early orderers are pissed? Yeah, you're right. No one is pissed. :rolleyes:
  2. Rivianation

    "Rivian orders placed after 20% price hike appear to jump the line"

    Oh boy... Rivian has angered its early customers yet again with updated delivery dates this week. Rivian raised its vehicle prices last year and faced backlash. Now it seems the automaker is prioritizing delivery of its more expensive vehicles first...
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    Ordered my Ford Lighting today

    Don't be mean. Ford only had a 100 year head start on Rivan.
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    Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    Rivian cannot sell vehicles they cannot service. The reputation would get out fast that their service network is too small. That will deter future buyers and put the company at risk. Instead, management made a decision that pissing off some pre-order customers is a necessary evil. Maybe they...
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    Did Rivian lengthen the R1S?

    Its the angles. They are identical except wheels.
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    Destination Charge - How is it calculated?

    There no making sense of it.... Example destination charges on 2023 Kia window stickers: Kia Rio (sub compact) ships from Mexico is $1,095 Kia Telluride (mid SUV) ships from USA is $1,335 Kia Carnival (minivan) ships from Korea is $1,335
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    PSA - Don’t destroy / curb a wheel like I did (tips to avoid)

    Sorry, but if that's 'major' damage, what would 'minor' damage look like? Its a $100 repair at a rim shop. Or, cover it up with a sharpie or mask around and use rustoleum gloss black from AutoZone. You will forget about it in a week or so.
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    8 Step Process stopped me at Step 2

    I know why you want to try that (who wouldn't!) But Rivan would be breaking NY/City state tax laws. How much tax would be saving if your DL was registered in FL vs NY? FL tax is 6.5 or 7%, but our insurance is inflated because of the 25% un-insured/underinsured drivers on the roads here.
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    Mini-review at 1500 miles (R1S)

    A rushed R1S in hand is worth twice a s00n R1S in the bush. ;) They can fix most of that, and they will eventually, right?
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    Routing onto a closed highway

    I don't think Android Auto would ever make that mistake. The information gathering is too good to allow that to happen often, if ever. The crowd sourcing of so many Android Auto users also gives the most up to date traffic data (slowdowns/accidents/re-routes) that Rivan cannot compare. Maybe...
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    Misaligned R1T panel alignments resolved by Service Center

    Just in case you weren't joking, 'Built on a Monday/Friday' doesn't really apply this century since robots don't care what day it is. There was a time when Tesla was just trying to survive, and they were putting out terrible panel alignment in the majority of the vehicles leaving Fremont. That...
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    OC Seat Creasing Issue

    The black seat will crease the exact same way.
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    Why doesn't Rivian badge the Quad?

    Well, duals will have better fitting panels. :P
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    Canceling? What to do?

    Why would anyone not buy it and resell. To cancel a Rivian order is just nutzo, imho.
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    Why doesn't Rivian badge the Quad?

    The dual motors will eventually enter the market which is good for Rivian's future, but they don't distinguish the quad motors from the others like Tesla does with both their long range and performance trims with the DUAL MOTOR and the red underline. Seems strange for marketing department to...
  16. Rivianation

    Upcoming Competition: 2024 Tacoma Pickup Design Leaked 📸

    Looks just like the gasser. Sigh. It doesn't fuel the same, it doesn't drive the same, it doesn't brake the same. Why should it look the same? I think the successful designs will be the ones that look different. Maybe 5 years ago ok, but playing conservative now is a loser, IMHO.
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    Glacier White R1S delivery at San Jose

    Noyce! Happy with it, besides key issue?
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    Owning a Rivian R1T: The 6-Month Check-In (by Motortrend)

    Spoiler Alert: "For the most part, the ownership experience has been overwhelmingly great. I don't think I've ever been as happy with anything I've ever bought. "