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  1. mabowden

    Powered running boards from AMP - Incoming?

    I sent AMP Research a feeler email as they are one of the big producers of aftermarket powered running boards. I would love to have powered running boards on the truck, and they are about 15 minutes away from me so I wanted to contact them in case they needed anything to get this part going...
  2. mabowden

    Q for owners of 22" dark wheels -- any issues with the wheel on the spare getting scratched if it is facing down in the spare wheel well?

    Dropped my 21" wheels off at the powdercoat guy, and he was a bit concerned about the spare getting scratched up. I'm guessing that mostly tire hits the area where the spare fits and that the wheel is unscathed. Anybody out there with 22" dark wheels have any issues with the wheel on the...
  3. mabowden

    Ocean Coast Interior's NEW Speaker Covers in Brushed Nickel / Aluminum

    Hadn't really seen this posted on the forums. Not sure if this is something that has been around for a while or is much newer. My delivery agent said my truck was the first he has seen with these speaker covers. Also- I TOOK DELIVERY YESTERDAY! Not going to write a full write up- there...
  4. mabowden

    Poll- Will the delivery updates release as promised (end of October?)

    Wanted to see the sentiment from the forum :D
  5. mabowden

    Rivian Owners and Preorder Holders- Strange Entitlement?

    Not trying to start world war 3 on the forums here, but as I was driving in on my way to work today (in my 16 vw gti) I was reminded of a few recent posts that just contained an odd sense of entitlement. I was behind a newer model S, and was comparing the two in my head: Rivian (Pre march...
  6. mabowden

    Spotted: Canoo test mule

    Sorry for the potato quality picture, but I snapped this on my way home yesterday. That thing has got a face that only a parent could love... Or walmart, apparently.
  7. mabowden

    Earliest Ocean Coast Delivery Estimates?

    I was just wondering who has the earliest delivery estimate with Ocean Coast still configured? Ordered Dec 21. Still holding strong on Ocean Coast. Updated estimate is Dec 22-Jan 23. Anyone have an earlier estimate? I would love to see photos start flowing in, but I'm guessing it will be...