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  1. Phone key not working after software update

    I did the software update last night, and the one issue that I’m having so far is my phone as key isn’t working properly. It unlocks the car when I approach, but it does not start when I put my foot on the brake and It asks to present the card key to the door. Fortunately, I am having my axles...
  2. Oregon WTS 21” set of 4 wheels and tires

    Im selling my stock 21” wheels with tires. They have 5100 miles on them. A few scuffs but no scratches/dents or ither damage. Aero caps included.
  3. Oregon r1t

    Order changed
  4. Oregon WTT my 21” wheels for your 20” wheels

    Looking to trade my 21” wheels for 20” wheels +/- cash. I’m located in Oregon
  5. Any good aftermarket 20” wheels out there

    Well I posted about trading my 21 inch wheels for 20 inch wheels and I got crickets. What is the take on aftermarket wheels that fit on the Rivian? I know that Fitment is particular for this vehicle. Does anybody know of a good set of aftermarket wheels? And, what is the sizing and what tires...
  6. Oregon Wheels trade plus cash

    Im taking delivery of my Rivian in the next few days and it comes with the 21” road wheels. Im looking to trade them for 20” AT wheels and tires. Happy to pay some cash for the difference in price with the trade.
  7. Rivian Not Cutting It - In Depth

    This episode of Now You Know highlights the biggest concern that I have with Rivian. Its the hodge podge of not always reliable charging networks that one has to deal with when traveling with the truck. Yes, I know these guys are Tesla fan boys, so the reveiw has to be taken with a grain of...