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  1. mabowden

    PSA: don't slam your gear tunnel doors!

    Thank you for the PSA. I've definitely been slamming mine.
  2. mabowden

    Ordered my Ford Lighting today

    that does not... today. The problem is they can change that view at any time. However, with the way auto sales are going right now due to interest rates I bet you're safe in 2023.
  3. mabowden

    Ordered my Ford Lighting today

    Just wait a little while longer and buy on the 2nd hand market?
  4. mabowden

    Your Rivian Guide Experience- Meet Expectations or Less Than Stellar? (Knowledge, Helpful, Responsiveness?)

    Very different experience than my 4 business days from 8 steps to delivery...
  5. mabowden

    21” Wheel Blackout

    <1 day and cost was $125/wheel so $625 for all 5
  6. mabowden

    21” Wheel Blackout

    Not the best photos, but here are my 21's in gloss black. I also took the center caps to the powdercoater with me and he painted them to match (not powdercoat, just paint). I think they look fantastic.
  7. mabowden

    Delayed… again. Dec 2020 order date. Losing all faith and excitement for Rivian.

    Agreed. I've got an appointment set for this friday (made the day I picked up my truck) that is purely cosmetic issues other than one thing to inspect. I probably would not have made the appointment if it weren't for the fact that my main infotainment was cracked on delivery.
  8. mabowden

    Cool Rivian Patent/TradeMark Info

    Looks cool and good aero, but I would guess rather heavy.
  9. mabowden

    Addictive smelling wiper fluid mystery SOLVED! = Genuine Chemistry All Season Windshield Washer Fluid

    I'll just carry a rag in the console and wipe it down once a week.
  10. mabowden

    Painting the Panoramic Glass For Heat Reduction

    Yep. Thats why I put a clear tint on my front windscreen, and didn't touch the roof. Hard to say for sure it has worked until it heats up again.
  11. mabowden

    R1T Ride Quality Harsh on Bumpy Surfaces

    I commute over a somewhat bumpy stretch of freeway, and sometimes there are other trucks around me. In the r1t it takes a couple of bounces to settle, I was driving near a newer ram the other day and it took like 6 bounces to settle. A weird thing to pay attention to, but I also felt it to be...
  12. mabowden

    R1T Ride Quality Harsh on Bumpy Surfaces

    I agree with this. I live in a city that is well known for it's terrible streets. It makes the local newspaper once a quarter. If I drive in sport its crazy rough. All purpose soft and I can barely tell. However, my last two cars were sports cars (miata and vw gti), so maybe I'm used to...
  13. mabowden

    Rivian R2 Crossover SUV Conjecture and Renderings (Carscoops)

    Seeing as I want to get my wife an R2S, I'd be happy if it looks anything like that render. However, seeing as the R2 line is looking to be more economical, that render is likely not realistic as it looks at least as nice as an R1S...
  14. mabowden

    What surprised you - preferably in a good way?

    Sport to all purpose is night and day. In sport mode you can feel most bumps in the road- even small. In all purpose-soft you feel almost nothing unless its a speed bump. In all purpose-firm its closer to like driving my GTI was, where you have good road feedback but you don't feel...
  15. mabowden

    PSA - Don’t destroy / curb a wheel like I did (tips to avoid)

    I always dip my passenger mirror when parking on a curb. Haven't curbed a wheel in ages.
  16. mabowden

    Will I hate life with a 76" tall garage door opening and an R1T?

    I can measure in sport+lowest when I get home (on 21's) unless someone already has that data out there.
  17. mabowden

    Will I hate life with a 76" tall garage door opening and an R1T?

    Here's a reddit post on the same thing. I think you will have to be in sport mode to get into the garage. If that bothers you, you might want to reconsider. I was afraid of the same thing (my driveway has a wicked angle of approach downslope to the garage), and it ended up being OK. (in all...