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  1. MoreTrout

    EV tires explanation by Engineering Explained

    Always liked his videos. One of the best at explaining things in a straightforward and understandable way without making a video so long you need to schedule time off work to watch.
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    New EA Chargers Are Failing in the Cold

    Brutal. About the most negative I have ever heard the always optimistic Kyle get.
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    25,000 unit production goal might be tough

    The generally quoted goal of ~15,000 R1's and ~10,000 EDVs isn't looking too good for reaching the 25,000 goal by the end of the year. Based on VINs, I think the 15k will be exceeded, but this release from Amazon about being excited to have 1,000 on the road suggests 10k in the next several...
  4. MoreTrout

    lvl 2 to 100% vs DCFC - what's better for long term battery health?

    My home and camp are about 200 miles apart and I make the trip up to 2 to 3 times a month, sometimes more. Right now I can make it pretty comfortably by charging to 85%, but that might not be true come winter. There are 2 DCFC on the route. One of them is an EA which surprisingly enough...
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    Help me narrow down my portable charger choices?

    I will be charging my truck at two locations about 200 miles apart, home and a camp. I want to get a portable 40A charger to use in both locations. I'll admit my first priority is lowest price, but that doesn't mean cheap. I think I have narrowed it down to 4 choices listed below with best...
  6. MoreTrout

    Amazon EDV Rivian Delivery Van - Munro walk through

    Around 10:30 they talk about how much thought was put into the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle with steps, handles, etc. Maybe the EDV development team should have spent at least a day sharing some of that wisdom with the R1 design team.
  7. MoreTrout

    The most American made vehicles I would be curious to see where Rivian lands on this list. They aren't even on the list, so probably didn't have enough data to be included yet. I couldn't find any specific reason they wouldn't be included based on the exclusion criteria listed...
  8. MoreTrout

    Off road BEV choices

    Well since many of us are now at least contemplating moving on to the competition, I would like to make an attempt at some form of summary of the current status of our choices. I am only interested in vehicles with at least some degree of trustworthy off road capabilities. I am not...
  9. MoreTrout

    Tesla model Y in the snow

    But look how great that camera resolution is!. And it probably has a couple extra cupholders somewhere. Priorities you know. This hatchback really isn't a competitor in the same category as the R1S/T. But seriously, if this guy was just out there to film a snow video, he is an idiot...
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    Clipper Creek now officially part of Enphase I know Clipper Creek was at least the initial supplier of a lot of the Rivian Waypoint chargers. Don't know if they were exclusive or behind the Rivian branded ones popping...
  11. MoreTrout

    Enphase buys Clipper Creek

    Very excited to see this. IMO Enphase is the best of the best for home solar and storage. Been waiting to see what they would buy next with their huge cash pile and this is a great start. If my RIVN stock does 1/10th what my ENPH did I'll be ecstatic...
  12. MoreTrout

    Future V2H charging and any impact on warranty?

    With an upcoming move in the next few months, part of my home searching includes checking the Sun score on Zillow for every listing since I will most likely be installing solar. I'm on the fence about adding storage. I would love to, but the best systems out there are still pretty pricey for...