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  1. RBR1S

    Rivian in the snow? SnowMode... Anyone? Gotta beat this hummer EV

    Please tell me someone has a good snow video for Rivian that will beat this Hummer EV in the snow. He's ripping it up and making it look WAY too fun for an EV. Anyone got some crazy comparison video of SnowMode? Kyle's snow mode videos seem lame in comparison.
  2. RBR1S

    IIHS uses Rivian in their video talking about testing heavy EVs

    IIHS posted a video on how they are doing testing with heavier vehicles for their crash propulsion system and while talking about HEAVY EVs they blantanty flash a Yellow Rivian R1T in the video. at 1:25 As mentioned in IIHS post from Oct, the same truck.
  3. RBR1S

    R1S big butt - is it an issue for owners

    So 4 years into waiting, I keep getting bothered by one thing - the big flat butt on the R1S. It's looks more square (and thus as big or bigger butt) than even a Excursion,Yukon, Escalade, etc. Nearly as bad as the Ford Edge, eg ZERO sloping/aerodynamics appearance. So the question is -...
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    Two R1T for sale in Kirkland, WA - at a luxury car dealer

    I'm not in any way affiliated with that dealer (their parent company is my Jeep service center if that counts) - but I was blown away to see not 1 but 2 R1T for sale at Rairdon Maserati in Kirkland. After I picked up my JGC I walked over and talked to the guy (Frank) and he let me get a good...
  5. RBR1S

    R1S delivery taking so long - because they need to work out all the bugs

    After reading far too many posts, watching WAY to many review videos (to the point I blocked a few channels on youtube cause they create weekly garbage for views), I've finally come to the conclusion on WHY the R1S is taking so long to hit the streets. Hear me out. R1T users are truck people...
  6. RBR1S

    Rivian Q2 earnings - released with pre and post thoughts.

    I'll summarize earnings when they come put but thoughts on it - Yes, I'll update this thread. Everyone is going to focus on production targets currently sitting at 25,000 vehicles for the year. Q1 was 2,553 vehicles, Q2 was 4,401 - a total of 6,954, leaving 2 quarters to produce 18,046. Or...
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    R1S preorder having a bit of R1T envy

    Just saying "hi" to whoever this was (yes I cleared your plate for privacy) on I405 in Washington State. Followed you for about 5 miles until I exited. BTW - R1T has got some hips, how did I not ever notice this? I can't be the only R1S preorder holder that is starting to feel a bit...
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    Pet mode - does it heat or only cool?

    OK, so first off, thank you Rivian for putting in Pet Mode. 🐾 We know it cools, which is when most people will use it (hey 2/3 of the US was over 90F last week and many triple digits). I've heard and seen great things about this part of the feature. BUT - does it heat the cabin? I doubt...
  9. RBR1S

    CO extends charging network

    Congrats CO - you get more charging stations. Quick summary - The newly designated corridors include I-270, US 34, US 36, US 287, US 385 and US 550...
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    R1S big enough to sleep in - Business Insider says YES!

    Based on this article, some of our real world questions finally answered. Like "can you sleep in the R1S comfortably". Well, if a twin size bed is big enough for you, then yes. 6'1" - you can spread out based on the pics. Two small people, probably. Two happy spooners, maybe? Maybe...
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    Is Rivian at the Seattle EV expo? July 23/24

    Does anyone know if Rivian is going to be at the EV Expo in Seattle? I've seen several other manufacturers listed but its a short list "AND MORE" Apparently VW, BMW, Volvo, Polestar, Toyota, Kia. Would be nice to see Rivian there - hint hint hint...
  12. RBR1S

    Rivian found in $8M house listing

    Found a Rivian in the 3D walkthrough of an $8M house listing in WA. I was suddenly more excited about the truck than the entire house!
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    R1S - Stop using fuzzy fabric/carpet in cargo area - please.

    So, after watching an hour worth of reviews (on 2x) - I'm going to ask one simple thing to Rivian (and all other manufacturers). PLEASE stop using the fuzzy fabric liner (I don't know what it's called, but Rivian has it, my Grand Cherokee has it, everything seems to have it) in the cargo...
  14. RBR1S

    Differing shades of gray - El Cap vs LA Silver vs Limestone comparison photo

    Got the awesome chance to see them all together, for those that need help deciding. Lighting conditions were heavily overcast mid-afternoon day via S21 camera. Thanks so much for the chance to see them all together. The conclusion I've come to about the colors - El Cap(closest) = shiny...
  15. RBR1S

    Charging between Moab, UT and Albuquerque, NM

    Thoughts on how to do this? Plugshare shows nothing other than a few random J1772 going US550 to US491 until Monticello, UT. 311 miles (aka not gonna make it) Only option I see is leave Albuquerque over to Grants, 100% charge at the AE at Walmart, then squeak the 251miles up US491 miles...
  16. RBR1S

    Buy R1T today, trade in on R1S later?

    So we all got the "sorry, they are coming SOMETIME" email. But it gave me a thought. I've seen people that get on the R1T list and have a truck in relatively short periods of time (basically taking advantage of cancelled order "Buy it Now" production). So if I were to just get in that...
  17. RBR1S

    Give up your 3rd row for MAX battery (extra 100miles)?

    I was reading through a bunch of stuff and my brain flashed back to the fact that my order was for a 5 seater. Yes, I know Rivian has switched to all 7 seat now, but if you could, would you take the 5 seat option and replace the 3rd row with battery packs or are you a 7 seater fan? I...
  18. RBR1S

    Payload Hauling Range - not towing, just cargo

    Has anyone got info on how much of an impact cargo (pure weight) impacts the range of the R1T. I've see a lot of threads and videos on the impact of towing - basically half the range, but I've not seen anyone post what having the fully allotted payload weight in the bed does to range. R1T...