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  1. Poll: How often do you use the Camp Speaker?

    If you use the "camp" speaker while camping, you are probably not very considerate of others :) Blasting music while camping is probably one of the more annoying things one can do. I don't have the truck yet, but I can't imagine ever using it. The flashlight however, I expect to come in very...
  2. ʞ [=0===0] k Projects: Slide Out Camp Kitchen / Slide Out Bin Tray

    I’m interested, but I don’t want to sign up until I actually have the truck, which is estimated Feb/March. Assuming I miss this production run, when do you expect to do another?
  3. ʞ [=0===0] k Projects: Slide Out Camp Kitchen / Slide Out Bin Tray

    I’ve not really been interested in the Rivian camp kitchen as I wouldn’t use it enough to justify taking up the valubable space inside the gear tunnel. The price being the other huge factor. Was thinking of a diy bed kitchen. However, this design seems to have a lot more utility. Correct me if...
  4. Received charger for a truck I won’t have until next year.

    Did you actually pay for the charger already? I did my intro call with my guide last week and was asking about timing in terms of when the charger ships in relation to payment for the car. My guide said they charger goes out automatically and not linked to payment/paperwork, which made zero...
  5. Sizing it up.. my power cooler arrived.. ICECO GO20 Dual Zone

    I just ordered the Bodega 36L off Amazon for $280 (Black Friday sale). I don’t have the truck yet, but does anyone know if this will fit in the gear tunnel? It’s 14.5” high and 14.2” wide. Thanks
  6. Motorcycle Hauling Trip with R1T -- Good news for the bike folks!

    Thanks! Looks like it might work. Now I just need the truck…
  7. Motorcycle Hauling Trip with R1T -- Good news for the bike folks!

    I just measured out my Desert X and as long as the chock doesnt push me out more than 2 inches I should be "ok" with an 84" bed. Anymore than 2 inches and I'm not making full rear tire contact. I've never loaded a bike in a truck, so how much does a chock typically push out? The other issue is...
  8. Motorcycle Hauling Trip with R1T -- Good news for the bike folks!

    If you try it, let me know! If you have 2-3 inches to spare, I should be good.
  9. Motorcycle Hauling Trip with R1T -- Good news for the bike folks!

    Yeah, a Desert X might not fit. It's over 90" long (63.3" wheelbase).
  10. Motorcycle Hauling Trip with R1T -- Good news for the bike folks!

    The Desert X has a longer wheelbase than he GSA fyi. By like ~4 inches, which is why I'm concerned.
  11. Motorcycle Hauling Trip with R1T -- Good news for the bike folks!

    Thanks for posting. My Desert X wheelbase is a bit long at 63.3 inches. Looking at the rear wheels pretty close to the edge of the tailgate in these pics has me a bit worried. What is your wheelbase and do you think 63.3 inches is fine?
  12. My R1T is ready for Christmas 🎄

    Why not? Is your concern with the J-bolt itself or the Rivian mounting system in general? I'm considering something like this as my only use-case for a roof height rack would be to haul 12 foot boards from home depot which is just a few miles of surface streets. Sure beats my current system of...
  13. Pics: Ocean Coast Interior at Rivian Venice Hub

    White exterior + OC interior is my locked in config with a Feb/March estimate. Did you find it's too much white (or gray that's more/less white)? I've been questioning if white on black interior might have been better and if I should switch. I'm in LA so in theory I could make it to Venice this...
  14. Rivian Lied to me!!! Are there others??

    Rivian isn't going to take a truck that was in a crash and sell it as new to one of us. Makes total sense that they'd put you back into the queue vs repair it and deliver it to you as new. Sounds like the miss communication is "beyond repair." It would have to be a pretty bad crash (think a...
  15. R1T Orders: Dec '22 - Jan '23 -- Status Room

    And we are both in Los Angeles. However, I see you are a Feb 2022 preorder. I'm a January 2022 preorder, so I should have had a better or same window. That said, from my guide chat today, these emails/guide assignments mean nothing at this point. I'd still be super happy to be taking delivery at...
  16. R1T Orders: Dec '22 - Jan '23 -- Status Room

    So I had my call with my guide. Basically same situation as the above, which is nothing has changed and my Feb/March window is still in play. They said they are asking people to confirm ahead of time so they can better plan their builds. I'm a bit disappointed as I was thinking end of year was...
  17. R1T Orders: Dec '22 - Jan '23 -- Status Room

    I have my first guide call in 30 minutes. I really hoped my window wasnt my window anymore (Feb/March) and I was closer after getting my config confirmed Friday.
  18. Power Tonneau still configured. Now what?

    I had them switch to manual. they didn't force me, but did say doing so would mean a faster delivery. While powered is my preference, I feel good about going manual. Other than the cool factor, I can't really think of any real need for it. If the cost was >2K I wouldn't even consider it. While...
  19. Power Tonneau still configured. Now what?

    I know they Interesting. Did you "confirm" your configuration? Or did they just change it and you have not "confirmed" yet?
  20. Extension before or after EVSE?

    I actually think the J1772 would be more versatile (for an EV anyway). Reason being, the RV extension cord just extends the dryer outlet, you still need to connect to that (extended) outlet using the mobile charger. In this uesecase, both do the same thing, but the added use case of the J1772...