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  1. Blueassassin

    Direct Current Engineering (DCE) Introduction: builders of the OPTIMA Rivian and OPTIMA Power Station vehicles

    I'm curios about the battery system and management that was in the Frunk of the R1T you guys built can you show that and what all it did?
  2. Blueassassin

    Alexa voice commands that work for me (updated with official full list)

    I use Alexa alot in the truck and have had her in my last 4 vehicles. with my smart locks as im leaving the house i have her lock the doors so i never carry keys. The command i use the most though I think is "open the hood" so much easier than finding it in the menu's
  3. Blueassassin

    New Rivian R1 Software Introduction -- Roomy Entry and Exit

    I don't need this to get in and out but I think it will help keep the seat wear down if it pull sback and down a bit before I get out.
  4. Blueassassin

    Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    I’m hoping the rock slider version replaces the plastic under there that’s why I really wanna see a picture!
  5. Blueassassin

    Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    @EV Sportline can we get some pictures from underneath and how it attaches?
  6. Blueassassin

    Official: Factory OEM Off-Road Bumper and Winch Not Coming From Rivian

    I really wanted the Winch bumper. Just like the awesome tonneau that's integrated into the truck better than any aftermarket item could have ever been. I was exited for that same kind of integration with the winch. We already knew about the app but think about this the truck would know that its...
  7. Blueassassin

    Interior peeling

    ya that piece is a rubber coated plastic. still sucks but looks like something caused it to peal away from the plastic.
  8. Blueassassin

    Does your flashlight work?

    try taking the battery out and putting it back in?
  9. Blueassassin

    Pics: Ocean Coast Interior at Rivian Venice Hub

    those pictures do a great job of showing that its a light grey with the white door.
  10. Blueassassin

    Tesla opens up their EV connector design to the world (North American Standard)

    Are they not like different languages though. I remembered reading that somewhere I do like the Tesla connection better though and would be glad if it all standardized to that one.
  11. Blueassassin

    📍 The OPTIMA SEMA Rivians and trailers national tour locations & dates. Starting Nov 12 @ San Marcos, CA

    Can someone get better pictures of the battery set up in the frunk.
  12. Blueassassin

    Coming in hot! NEW Product for R1T / R1S - LED Ditch Lights with Remote Control

    the ones built into the mirror a great see around the campsite or truck in the dark light. But not what you are going to want and need for driving / ditch lights.
  13. Blueassassin

    Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    I'm interested in the rock sliders but want to see the truck being jacked up by them and images of where they attach before I would order. Even more points if you put the truck on a rock with them and show the doors can still function. Would hate to get stuck on a rock then not be able to get out.
  14. Blueassassin

    Musk's twitter problem a boon for Rivian sales? [***NO POLITICS***]

    And that's the overly political world we live in. No one cares what Mr. Ford did in his life they just bought a car they liked. I've been watching the stock tank thinking about buying in. Given my losses with all my other stocks its probably a bad choice.
  15. Blueassassin

    App 1.8.0 released

    This is a great update constant improvement once again.
  16. Blueassassin

    Hood flutter in the wind

    So my hood was making a loud scary pop when it opened they fixed that works great. Got out on the freeway and I could see the hood lifting and flexing with the dents in the hood. I pulled over and checked that the hood was latched fully and it was. By the time I was done driving I think there...
  17. Blueassassin

    2022 Q3 Rivian Earnings to be reported November 9, 2022

    Good thing I didn't buy a bunch over $78 oh wait I even bought some when it was at $100... 😭 I really don't know if it will ever see those prices again I plan on holding for at least 5 years but still.