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  1. R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    in the PNW, there's just one: GW/OC/21"/RUS/powered tonneau + spare. Arguably one of the strangest configs I've ever seen.
  2. First look at @ “Introducing the R1 Shop” -- Rivian website to shop for R1T that delivers in 6-8 weeks

    I received shop access after requesting it (said in another thread, worth mentioning again -best guide ever!), but, interestingly enough, I didn't get an email. I was just doing my bi-hourly login and saw the banner. For those who have shop access, did your estimated delivery also change to...
  3. To Shield or Not to Shield? Option the Reinforced Underbody Shield?

    What makes you so confident? If I were sure an aftermarket solution would exist, I would drop that requirement pretty much immediately.
  4. R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    My status just changed to processing estimate. For my fellow nerds, estimatedDeliveryWindow in the item object representing my truck in the graphQL switched to null. It previously had a start of 01/01/2023 and end of 02/28/2023. I did get shop access (shoutout to the best guide ever), though...
  5. To Shield or Not to Shield? Option the Reinforced Underbody Shield?

    I’m getting access to the shop this Monday or Tuesday and although I’m pretty happy with my config, the one thing I may compromise on is the reinforced underbody shield. I haven’t done much off-roading beyond what’s been required to get to some Washington hiking trails, but it’s always something...
  6. R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    Pretty nice chat with my guide. He doesn't expect my 8 steps to open before January, but he said he doesn't really have much insight until they plan on building it. I asked if I could have shop access and he said it's mostly for people with earlier pre-orders, but he'll request it anyway...
  7. R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    Just got the email to lock configuration!! This is pretty much the configuration I've always wanted, so I went ahead and soft locked it. After this long, 6-8 more weeks for my exact config feels worth it, but I'll wait for my guide to reach out. So stoked!
  8. R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    So weird update: I changed my wheels to AT Dark + Spare fully expecting “Processing Estimate” on the delivery window banner, but it’s still showing Jan-Feb. Maybe it’ll update later? Not complaining. Also, I noticed for the past several months, every time I update my configuration (and I’ve...
  9. R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    Nice! Great to hear they're also still doing the R1T shop. It's been pretty quiet on that front.
  10. R1T Orders: Jan '23 - Feb '23 -- Status

    Thought it would be a good idea to start a thread similar to the @albo23 for Dec'22 -Jan '23 folks. Wondering how others are faring with this window. It looks like quite a few people already got e-mails to confirm their configurations. I've been checking the graphql network sources tabs...
  11. R1T Orders: Dec '22 - Jan '23 -- Status Room

    Thanks! I realized recently that I don't want to run a 2-set setup with my tires anymore and have been wanting to switch to the 20" AT darks, but I'm terrified of compromising my timeline.
  12. 🔮 Estimated Delivery Date Window is LIVE! What’s Yours?! 🔮

    This is the exact reason I’m hoping for my delivery to not come early. Service centers are backed up for months, so I’d rather not deal with any issues that comes with quickly churned out $80k vehicle.
  13. Power Tonneau still configured. Now what?

    Weirdly enough, a bunch of Rivian lottery winners lately are those who did not switch from powered to manual…it’s tempting.
  14. Great news for anyone looking for an R1T panoramic roof sun shade!

    This is amazing, but you accidentally sold out before I could purchase one :)
  15. First look at @ “Introducing the R1 Shop” -- Rivian website to shop for R1T that delivers in 6-8 weeks

    While it's a nice gesture, neither the IRS nor any tax professionals that I've spoken to can confidently confirm that the agreement will be honored. I'd rather err on the side of caution if I'm going that route. At the end of the day, I'll survive. Really the only thing I'm willing to...
  16. First look at @ “Introducing the R1 Shop” -- Rivian website to shop for R1T that delivers in 6-8 weeks

    Sooo…is the shop still a thing? As someone with a delivery window some time between the next 8-16 weeks, I’m now super eager since there are 7,500 reasons to get one before end of December. I’m terrified to change my config.
  17. 🔮 Estimated Delivery Date Window is LIVE! What’s Yours?! 🔮

    All info's in my signature. Bummer. Was really hoping for a miracle to save me that $7.5k EV tax credit. I'm literally delaying moving so I don't compromise when I get my truck.
  18. This Black R1T with Anthracite Gray R500 wheels looks 🔥

    I love that premium aftermarket aeros are a thing. Thanks for paving the way! Unfortunately, I find these wheels absolutely hideous. Hope more options are on the way.
  19. With interest rates rising, how many won’t be completing their R1 purchase?

    In this spirit of saving this thread and answering the original question, the primary demographic for this vehicle is middle-class+, who can comfortably afford the vehicle -especially at the original price. I don’t anticipate any meaningful % of cancellations. If interest rates start getting...