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  1. Rivian officially qualifies for IRC 30D Tax Credit

    Rivian has made the list of approved vehicles: Noticed that Lucid is not on the list yet....
  2. Rivian technical nuggets gleaned from EPA application docs

    Major takeaways (from Rivian EPA application docs): Confirmed 108s pack architecture using 5A (nominal) 21700 cells. Modules are 8p yielding 40A ea. Nominal voltage of 400, max charging voltage of ~450V. DCFC Max of 210 kW Testing done in conserve and sport mode (then averaged) Conserve mode...
  3. Alternate NEW Tax Credit Rebate

    I thought I'd take a swing at a different incentive structure than the current proposal. The current proposal is too complicated and has too many agendas tossed in unrelated to actual EV adoption. The current proposal basically has four main incentive sections: New EVs New 2 and 3 wheeled EVs...
  4. Battery Size and other speculation from the EPA numbers

    Some of this is scattered in other threads, but thought I'd start a new one. From the EPA data released, it looks like the nominal battery capacity is 144 kWh on both the R1T & R1S (400V nominal * 360 Ah) It looks like the useable/available capacity is very close to the original 135 kWh...
  5. What were expectations after seeing the initial reveal of the concept vehicles?

    Thought I'd see what people were expecting.... I intentionally limited the choices and recognize there are many variations between the ones I listed
  6. What would you change in your LE configuration to expedite delivery?

    We know that several variables will influence delivery timing - some within the customers control (color, etc) others not. If you needed to modify your order to get faster delivery, what would you be willing to change? If you have (or don't have) an option configured, no need to vote for it...
  7. Poll on info required before you order

    Some folks will get the chance to finalize their order soon. If Rivian reached out to you today, what would you need before proceeding? If I missed something, post it in your comments.
  8. EQS battery assembly video

    Cool video to watch, although not from Rivian. Mercedes EQS pack assembly line:
  9. How much would you invest in a Rivian IPO?

    If you could get in on a potential IPO, how much would you be willing/able to invest? I'd likely put a chunk of Roth money as well as some from an investment account.
  10. Can now change Model?

    Got an email about the wheels and... You can now upgrade your R1T Launch Edition configuration with our new 20" All-Terrain Dark or 22" Sport Dark wheel options. While you’re at it, feel free to update your configuration — switch your model, paint color, interior and more — without losing your...
  11. Poll on additional cost for 400 mile version

    How much are people willing to shell out for the additional range? You can also take into account the longer wait time - likely 6 months on the R1T and a year(?) on the R1S
  12. Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    Long story short, Rivian is reaching out to reservation holders (somewhat randomly) to get their stories and why they chose Rivian. During our conversation, the subject of a Factory delivery option came up, and Rivian is seriously considering doing this. They would likely include a factory...
  13. 48A WattZilla products and NEC compliance

    Thought I'd break this out and start a new thread as questions have come up in a couple of other threads/forums as to their 48A products and NEC Article 625 compliance. The NEC code (2017 & 2020) limits plug-in EVSEs to 50A receptacles. Two products from WattZilla (WallWatts 48 and Black Mamba...
  14. Rivian DCFC speed 300 kW?

    It appears that Rivian has decided to implement their patent...
  15. Rivian Survey

    Just got an email with a link to a survey from Rivian. Looking to hear about a bunch of different things from those with pre-orders. The four I selected for "Need more info" are: Servicing Price Charging Infrastructure Test Drives