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  1. PappaBolt

    Show Us Your Rivian Decked Out For the Holidays

    We only had room for a baby tree this year. But it got me wondering, who’s hauling their holiday decorations with their Rivian? Post your photos of trees, lights, menorahs, festivus poles.
  2. PappaBolt

    Washington WTB: R1S Compact Spare

    Will pay for shipping
  3. PappaBolt

    TuneIn: I have Questions

    Having used TuneIn for a few weeks I have few questions based on my experience thus far. Let’s not debate cell vs satellite vs XM vs CarPlay. Lots of discussion on that elsewhere. So with TuneIn a few Q’s: 1. Is the default app experience the paid premium experience (commercial free)? I don’t...
  4. PappaBolt

    Charging Handshake Failures

    I’m frequently getting charging connect handshake failures. After connecting to the charging port, the vehicle flashes green, then white, 4+ times then the red light at the charge port comes on indicating a charging failure. I have to disconnect, reconnect another 1 or 2 times while cycling...
  5. PappaBolt

    [Updated][Seattle Area] Rivian Roundup, Saturday 11/12/22 9a-11a

    [Update: New Location] Who’s interested in a Rivian meet-and-greet this weekend? Saturday 11/12 from 9:00a-11:00a at The Landing in Renton. This is centrally located in the Puget Sound area and right off of 405. Target Parking Lot (near the EV chargers) 1215 N Landing Way Renton, WA 98057...
  6. PappaBolt

    Washington WTB Spare Tire (R1S)

    I’m in the hunt for an R1S compact spare tire with it’s associated parts. Will pay for shipping.
  7. PappaBolt

    11/2/22: Road and Track R1S Review

    Didn’t see this R&T feature on R1S posted yet. Here you go:
  8. PappaBolt

    What screws to fasten OEM Front License Plate Mount ?

    I have the OEM front plate holder that was riveted to my front bumper. WA state requires these dumb front plates and the OEM mount was installed by the SC before I had a chance to explore alternative. I just received my new plates (6 weeks from when I took delivery). Glad it went fairly quick...
  9. PappaBolt

    Rivian App Strategy

    There’s been scant evidence of direction or tangible evidence of app integration beyond what we have today. So far we have: Navigation, Tune-In, Spotify, Alexa, and voice-controlled Amazon Music. R1 won’t get Carplay/Android. R2 is unlikely as the strategy is to follow in Tesla’s footsteps and...
  10. PappaBolt

    Washington [Free] Midnight Touch-Up Paint

    Free to the first one to PM and claim this offer: I ordered limestone touch-up paint and received that plus an extra copy in “midnight”. Since I can’t use it, I checked with Rivian and it was agreed to offer this to the community. I’ll cover reasonable shipping (to the lower 48). Hope someone...
  11. PappaBolt

    Charging to Optimize Battery Life - What's Your Strategy?

    Apologies if this has been covered. I'm curious about everyone's charging strategy to optimize battery life. We are given the option to charge to 70%, 85%, 100% with the nudge to NOT charge to 100% unless needed. I'm curious about daily/weekly driving and charging habits. If average daily/weekly...
  12. PappaBolt

    PNW Rivian Meetup?

    Seattle area here. There seem to be quite a few deliveries in the PNW. Are there any organized meetups or drive events taking place?
  13. PappaBolt

    Limestone Launch Edition R1S Delivered: Impressions & Photos

    After much anticipation, it finally happened: The R1S is the real deal. It's everything I had hope it would be, along with a few quirks. I took delivery a few days ago, but was finally able to go on an extended drive yesterday and get acquainted with the basics and dig into many of the features...
  14. PappaBolt

    Folding Side Mirrors for Garage Entry

    My single bay garage entry might be a bit tight side-to-side for the R1S. 89 inches wide. Wondering if it's possible to manually fold the side mirrors before driving into the garage.