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  1. Jac

    New Rivian Service Center Map - Including Future Locations

    Very impressive service center expansion plans in the New York City metro region (central NJ to SW Connecticut) from one SC to eight SC’s!
  2. Jac

    Half Shaft / CV Joint Noise

    Nobody is more excited than me about finally getting my R1S delivered at some point toward the end of next year, but I have to admit this apparently pervasive CV/half shaft tocking sound and several documented failures is worrisome. Rivian’s current “fix” of adding more grease and lack of...
  3. Jac

    Expansion of Rivian Service - when and where?

    Interestingly, Google shows there are 15 Land Rover dealerships supporting the greater New York City metro region from Marlboro NJ to Milford CT.
  4. Jac

    Expansion of Rivian Service - when and where?

    The Connecticut service center several have already mentioned is slated to open in Shelton in Fairfield County in 2023. 2 Mountain View Drive, Shelton, CT.
  5. Jac

    2022 vs 2023 Tax credit…Again

    Suggest you speak with a CPA before taking a tax credit in a tax year prior to the tax year of vehicle delivery. The new law says vehicles delivered after 2022 can be treated for tax purposes (i.e., what EV credit qualification rule applies) as if delivered prior to enactment of the new law if...
  6. Jac

    2022 vs 2023 Tax credit…Again

    The previous EV tax credit law (which hopefully will be applicable in 2023 for folks who signed the binding purchase agreement before the new EV tax credit was enacted) did not have any income limit, or battery component sourcing requirement, or MSRP cap.
  7. Jac

    R1T vs. Hummer and Lightning Autoblog review: I've driven all 3 electric pickup trucks on the market — here's what I'd buy

    This will likely generate a few more R1T reservations.'ve driven all 3 electric pickup trucks on the market — here's what I'd buy - Autoblog
  8. Jac

    Official: Factory OEM Off-Road Bumper and Winch Not Coming From Rivian

    Can’t argue with you that removing distinctive features may make Rivian less unique, but Rivian’s success in the next critical few years depends on ramping production, focusing on quality/customer experience, and building out the service centers. OEM winches and electric tonneaus aren’t mission...
  9. Jac

    What the production-delivery gap at Lucid and Rivian reveals

    Rivian has 114,000 enthusiastic people who have paid $1000 deposits on R1’s, a huge EDV order book from Amazon, appealing, distinctive products, and a positive corporate culture. At this point, in my view, Rivian should prioritize spending and resources on their “table stakes”: 1) ramping...
  10. Jac

    Rivian Reports 2022 Q3 Earnings. R2 Vehicle Platform Launching in 2026

    Can you point me to where Rivian communicated this 85,000 annual EDV production goal? I somehow missed that important goal. I did find reports from back at the beginning of this year that Rivian‘s planned expansion of the Normal plant, when completed, will increase its annual production...
  11. Jac

    Rivian Reports 2022 Q3 Earnings. R2 Vehicle Platform Launching in 2026

    My recollection is the Normal plant’s unconstrained annual production capacity is well beyond 60k R1 vehicles - even adding in EDV annual production there is room to build more R1 vehicles in Normal. Maybe the rumored R1X will ultimately be added? To your point about the Ford and GM EV...
  12. Jac

    Received charger for a truck I won’t have until next year.

    Well, my R1S is projected to arrive October-December 2023 and I just bought a Juicebox 48 and had my electrician install it in the garage. (Our electric utility offers $500 rebates on certain chargers and $500 rebates on the electrical installation cost. I was uncertain the program would...
  13. Jac

    My Kuwaiti Rivian has been revived!!

    Congratulations! We will be interested to hear what reactions you get to the Rivian from fellow Kuwaitis.
  14. Jac

    Rivian Reports 2022 Q3 Earnings. R2 Vehicle Platform Launching in 2026

    To the best of my knowledge, Rivian has not yet said anything publicly about “tocking” CV/half shafts on R1 vehicles. Posts I’ve read on this forum for months now suggest it is, however, a common service ticket reason - and the current service center remedy is apparently to apply more grease to...
  15. Jac

    Article: Rivian’s CEO created buzzy, outdoorsy EVs. Now big automakers are coming after it

    Ramp production, focus on quality improvement, expand service capability. Rinse. Repeat. Rivian will be just fine.
  16. Jac

    Half Shaft / CV Joint Noise

    More reports on this issue at here:
  17. Jac

    Low speed tock update

    Longevity of the grease itself aside, post an update once the tocking resumes.
  18. Jac

    Happy with the Truck, But….

    The benefit, I suppose, of having to wait another year for delivery of my October 2021 R1S preorder is the opportunity to see how Rivian addresses these early product quality concerns. This particular case may be an isolated issue, but the numerous forum posts regarding CV half shaft “tocking”...
  19. Jac

    Considering switching from max pack R1T to large pack R1S...your thoughts?

    If I were you, I’d make the switch. A lot more enclosed heated space in the R1S for those trips to visit the grandkids. The trailer and bikes were going to be a range hit on the RIT and will be on the R1S too. However, without a truck bed, those bikes are going where? Inside with the third...
  20. Jac

    Rivian Service Centers: Master List of Locations?

    New Connecticut service center slated to open mid-2023 in Shelton, Fairfield County, SW Connecticut.