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  1. connoisseurr

    If you haven't considered Red Canyon, you should...

    Today, we took delivery of a Red Canyon R1T, and we're unsure why we didn't choose this color from the get-go. Our original R1T was repurchased by Rivian due to paint issues and ongoing mechanical issues that Rivian Service could not properly address. During the repurchase process, we were...
  2. connoisseurr

    Nitto Ridge Grapplers tires (295/50/22) installed on 22” wheels on Rivian R1T

    Found this on Reddit, definitely a unique execution. "Just installed 295/50/22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my R1T. No rubbing on flat surfaces even turning on lowest setting. Surely there will be a range impact but unsure yet, will follow up with that info. I know this is not the most practical of...
  3. connoisseurr

    OTA 39.3 Released [Added: Video of Halloween Theme]

    Updated with video of Halloween Theme by @jerseyff Just got the notification for this and my Service Center is actively installing. Anyone else get this? I wasn’t able to see the changelog notes. Added screenshots of changelog / update notes (by @tiltedandsaltyaf) :
  4. connoisseurr

    Extremely Hot Interior while at SC

    Very interested to know your thoughts, why the truck cabin is at 108°, while at Service Center? Outdoor temp high was 68°.
  5. connoisseurr

    Water Sloshing Sound - Passenger Side

    Has anyone experienced this? I can hear it at lower speeds on acceleration and deceleration.
  6. connoisseurr

    Interior Door Panel Removal Instructions?

    Since Rivian seems to think a an R1T service or repair manual is proprietary and cannot provide (I call BS and said they haven’t made one yet), I’m looking to the forums for support. Has anyone been successful in removing the a front interior door panel? I will be installing PPF on the front...
  7. connoisseurr

    Clarified: Rivian Service and Towing Policy Changes (10/07/2022)

    Since my last post was misleading, I am reposting a new thread with more clarity on the topic of no-cost vs fee-based towing services, offered by Rivian. My original post pertaining to the experience I encountered, has been restructured and is available as the second comment in this thread I...
  8. connoisseurr

    [UPDATES IN NEW THREAD] Tow to Rivian Service Centers is now a Charged Fee (as of 10/6/22) 💰

    See the new updated info on this at the new thread: Original post 10/6/22: EDIT: Adding fee I was quoted: $55 base fee, plus $6.50/mile. FYI - as of 10/06/2022, Rivian is now charging...