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  1. Derek

    How long did it take to get your R1T from the service center (until you get a call to schedule the pickup?)?

    How long between your contact letting you know your R1T is at the service center until you get a call to schedule the pickup? My guide let me know as of November 4th, my truck is at the South San Francisco services center. I should be getting a call or text to schedule pickup or drop-off. I...
  2. Derek

    Using Tesla wall charger with the Rivian?

    I have a Tesla wall charger installed at my house now. I'm choosing not to get the Rivian wall charger and get an adapter to charge my truck once I get it. Has anyone done this and have you had any problems?
  3. Derek

    My Ocean Coast R1T is Locked in for Delivery!

    I just talked to my guide and I have locked in my R1T!! Her first Ocean Coast reservation to lock down their configuration here is California! Let it begin!!
  4. Derek

    Any Ocean Coast Deliveries?

    Has anyone received a truck with Ocean Coast? I'm scheduled for Oct.-Nov. so I'm really hoping to start seeing some people receive their trucks. Please no more delays!
  5. Derek

    Has the warranty changed?

    I was just exploring the new website and I think they have reduced the warranty for the R1T. Does anyone have the original warranty info? I think the original warrany was: comprehensive 100,000 miles and thedrivetrain didn't have an 8 year limit. This is the new warranty on the...
  6. Derek

    General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) into the R1T

    I've been looking around to see if anyone has installed a GMRS radio into their truck. Good radio is important to have off-road with no cell service but I don't see a good spot yet from the pictures. Also is anyone else hesitant to screw a unit under the seat with a bunch of batteries down there?
  7. Derek

    What have you seen on the R1T aftermarket?

    I did a search during my lunch to see if anything has hit the aftermarket for the R1T. Nothing to look at yet other than an image on this site and nothing relevant lol I want so bad to start to see companies starting to make accessories.
  8. Derek

    First time behind the wheel with First Drive - review & impressions

    I had my First Drive test drive yesterday and it was amazing. Everything I was hoping for was there and more. Here are a couple of my insights. The truck is good and tall. My partner is 5 foot tall and she has to do a little jump to get in even at the lowest setting. Being that big feels...
  9. Derek

    Pic request: R1T underside / undercarriage with and without Off-Road Upgrade

    I have been searching for images and info on what the belly of the R1T looks like with and without the off-road upgrade, and I can't find anything. Can anyone with a truck now post some picks? I'm playing with the idea of replacing the upgrade skid plates with HDPE skids, or maybe not paying...
  10. Derek

    A very cool range estimator

    I've been playing with this really slick range estimator tool with all three tire options.
  11. Derek

    Dimensions of the floor tray for a cooler?

    I was looking at the R1T and thinking about ways to set it up for road trips and it got me thinking about that low floor tray between the driver and passenger seats. I'm trying to find the dimensions to see if I could fit a Dometic CFX3 25 cooler in there and pug it into the 12V underside of the...